Bethesda Conference - E3 2018

This live stream's finished, but you can see everything posted below
If you missed Bethesda's E3 press conference, you can watch the stream and read our live blog below, which includes all the trailers from the show.

What's up guys? I’m Will (aka BruceWayne1008) and I’ll be live blogging the Bethesda E3 2018 conference. If you’re here a bit earlier than expected, feel free to let us know what you are most excited for! Fallout 76? Rage 2?

The pre-show is officially underway. Content managers are here to keep us company! Get ready for a brief stroll down memory lane with this 15 minute (or so) pre-show.

Crazy to think it's been a month since RAGE 2 was announced. The trailer is sick and so colorful. So much excitement!

Country roads are taking us to a sweet trailer on Fallout 76.

Looks like the pre-show is coming to a close. Meaning the event is right around the corner! Get your Nuke Cola ready folks!

We begin with an awesome trailer showcasing with employees of Bethesda, Not super gaming related but awesome to see the devs get some screentime.

The show is underway. Pete Heins takes the stage to kick off the conference.

Making fun of the leak. Pete Heins has jokes.

New RAGE 2 trailer... or not looks like we're getting a live performance first laugh

With the performance behind us, looks like we're getting a brief introduction before we see what RAGE 2 has in store for us all.

Ladies and gentlemen, RAGE 2!

Holy gorgeous graphics Batman! Impressive in-game footage so far.

Seems as if you're in need of purely chaotic first-person shooting, RAGE 2 may be worth investing in.

RAGE 2 will be released around Spring 2019

Christian Van Hoose takes the stage.

The Elder Scrolls Legends will be coming to consoles. Those who play the game on mobile or PC and link to the Bethesda account, their progress will carry over. Sweet deal!

Matt Firror now jumps on stage to (hopefully) tell us more about The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited!

11 million players via The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited.

Two new DLC's are incoming later this year. Also, a brief trailer highlighting what ESO has to offer.

Is this what I think this it is?

IT IS! Doom Eternal!

Doom Eternal will be officially unveiled at QuakeCon later this year. Gamers will have to be patient.

Next up, ESports talk around Quake Champions.

Quake Champions trial. Those who download the trial this week seem to get the full game for free. Big news!

New trailer for the game inbound.

New free Prey update tonight. Adds 3 new modes and talks surrounding the new Mooncrash DLC.

Corny jokes aside, we're learning of a new mode in Prey called Typhoon Hunter. Sounds like Mimics will be able to play hide and go seek wink

Talks of bringing Wolfenstein 2 to the Switch this month.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood! Co-op experience following the original protagonist daughter.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood is expected to release in 2019.

Wolfenstein Cyberhunter and Prey VR. Seems like if you love virtual reality is your thing, you're in luck!

Are you guys ready for Todd Howard and more info on Fallout 76!?

Todd hits the stage to throw a couple of jokes regarding E3.

Looks like we're getting skits instead of gameplay facepalm

Now we're talking. Todd leads us into Fallout 76!

For those who saw the Microsoft conference earlier today... yeah... this is the same trailer shock

But if you love John Denver, you'll be happy to hear Take Me Home, Country Roads.

Looks like we're getting actual gameplay footage!

The world in Fallout 76 will have 16 times the detail in comparison to prior titles.

New creatures and use of West Virginia folklore are used to create new monsters.

Fallout 76 is entirely online.

The game can be played solo as well.

Looks like the online portion will feature a dozen or so players. All progress will carry over. Also, no running into servers which is a huge plus.

Vault-tec tutorial inbound!

Regardless how you feel about Fallout 76, the level of freedom the title seeks to offer is insane.

Just like that, looks like Fallout 76 will have a beta.

Fallout 76 will release this November 14th this year.

Fallout Shelter is expanding to PS4 and the Switch for the low low price of free.

Both versions will release tonight.

New mobile game? Sky-rim?

Elder Scrolls: Blades is tfirst-person person RPG. "Console graphics" on the latest phone.

Blades will feature three different modes to choose from.

And for some reason, if you don't like playing the game horizontally... the title can be played in portrait mode.

Blades releases this fall for free.

You can also pre-order via the App Store and Play Store.

Bethesda has been working on a new IP for next gen consoles. What could this be? headspin

Super slim trailer for a new title called Starfield.

Oh my! Elder Scrolls VI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And that's a wrap for Bethesda this year. What game(s) are you most excited for?

Blades? Doom Eternal? Fallout 76? Rage 2? So many amazing titles revealed tonight.

Once again everyone, I'm Will (BruceWayne1008) and it's been a pleasure live blogging this year Bethesdas' E3 conference.

Have great E3 and I'll catch you all next time smile