Ubisoft Conference - E3 2018

This live stream's finished, but you can see everything posted below
If you missed Ubisoft's E3 press conference, you can watch the stream and read our live blog below, which includes all the trailers from the show.

Welcome to the TrueAchievements coverage of the Ubisoft 2018 E3 presentation!

To warm us up, the pre-show is currently showing on Ubi's mixer channel.

What games are you hoping to see from Ubi this year?

And we're off!

Let's hope there's one or two surprises tonight.

And it's something of a surreal start. We have music and dancing.

But no games....yet.

And all this drama is for Just Dance 2019, which is coming this October.

On to a trailer now, it's some pretty spectacular scenes from Beyond Good and Evil 2.

We have Gabrielle and Guillaume on stage to tell us more about the game. The prequel features all of the major characters from the first game.

And now we can see some actual game-play footage.

The game can be played alone or in co-op. Ubi wants fans to help create the game via the Space Monkey Program. They are asking for music and artwork to be submitted to Hit Record for inclusion in the game. They are stressing that it will be a collaborative process rather than individuals providing the assets.

And now we have Justin from Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. He's announcing that the R6S community is now 35 million players, which is mighty impressive.

He's moved on to discussing the R6S Pro League, which is going all around the world.

We have a new Trials game - Trials Rising!

The game takes you around the world to iconic locations, and all the races are multiplayer. We have some of the team from RedLynx on stage to go through some more details.

RedLynx has involved members of the Trials community in designing the tutorial levels for the game.

Trials Rising releases in February 2019.

We now have Julian, creative director for Tom Clancy's The Division 2 on stage.

We are seeing a new CGI trailer for the game. It's incredibly realistic. Players will have the chance to specialize in a class at the end of the main campaign.

Julian has also announced that 8 player raids are coming to The Division 2! The audience is impressed.

There will be three DLCs released in Year One, and all will be completely free for everyone!

Skull & Bones is up next - will be interesting to compare this with Sea of Thieves.

Initial impressions are that it's a whole lot darker.

Players will pirate in the Indian Ocean. And now we are seeing some actual gameplay for the first time.

We see the player sink one ship and board another to steal their treasure chest. The game looks far more fast-moving than the ship sections in Assassins Creed.

And now we see the VR title Transference.

Elija Wood has just said that it's also coming to "traditional platforms" so maybe we'll see it on Xbox One as well.

On to Starlink: Battle for Atlas, which is out in October. This is the one with the toys, and will probably cost you a small fortune to play.

And the big surprise is that Ubi is teaming up with Nintendo to bring Starfox into the game (but only on the Switch).

For Honor is free to play on PC for the next week.

And the game is getting a big update - Marching Fire. It comes with a new 4 v 4 multiplayer mode - breach. We are now seeing some gameplay footage of the new mode.

And now a game that really impressed in the closed beta - The Crew 2.

The game's open beta will start on June 21st. Players can pre-download the beta today.

Time for one of the big guns - it's Assassin's Creed Odyssey.

You can choose the main character in the game with a choice between male and female protagonists, we now have dialogue trees for the first time! That's a huge change and I wonder how it will play out in the game.

It has to be said it looks remarkably similar to Origins. Which is probably a good thing if you really loved that game, not so much if you were after something new.

And that's a wrap! No Splinter Cell reveal, could it be coming in Sony's conference later?