NCAA Football 12 First Look

By Jonathan Barnes, 7 years ago
In a press release issued today, EA has given gamers the first look at the overhauls they can expect in NCAA Football 12.

In this first screenshot, you can clearly see a direct comparison between and this year's upcoming release.

External image

Yeah, that's right. It's grass... leaves of grass. Somewhere, Walt Whitman is shedding a tear.

The next screenshot shows some fully rendered gameplay.

External image

You can almost see that SEC speed in action!

Furthermore, the press release detailed that gamers can expect a few more graphical enhancements in this year's edition. These enhancements will allow the artists to render both the Pro-Combat Uniforms that Nike is outfitting schools with as well as... brace yourself... DREADLOCKS. That's right, gamers will finally be able to see Denard Robinson in all of his flashy glory as he gets creamed by 300 pound, Big Ten lineman!

Finally, as we reported last week, the cover-athlete for NCAA Football 12 still hasn't been determined. EA is encouraging gamers to vote for either Mark Ingram, Nick Fairley, DeMarco Murray or Jake Locker to be on the cover by logging on and voting on the game's Facebook page.

NCAA Football 12 is set for a July release.
Jonathan Barnes
Written by Jonathan Barnes
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