How to add your Xbox completion time estimates

By Heidi Nicholas,
We thought we'd take the time, while everyone's stuck at home, to go through and republish some of our site help articles. If you're new to TA or would like a refresher, this article provides an explanation, with examples, of how to add your Xbox completion time estimates.

One of the most useful features for site contests and for when you're looking to earn as much Gamerscore as possible in the shortest amount of time, are the game and DLC completion time estimates. The feature was added to the site about five years ago, giving members of the community the ability to submit their approximate completion time for any content in which they've unlocked all of the achievements. That information is then aggregated and displayed on the site for other gamers.

If you've browsed any of our game pages or game lists, you'll no doubt have seen the estimates already, and like me, maybe even made use of them to grab a quick 1,000 Gamerscore, but if you're not aware how to add your own estimates, this guide will show you how.

How to Add Your Xbox Completion Time Estimates

How to submit your Xbox completion time estimates

  • Click the Completion Times link under the Gaming section of the My Links menu, found at the top of every page
On the new page, you'll see a list of all the games, DLC packs and title updates that you've unlocked all of the achievements in, with the most recent displayed at the top. To submit your completion time estimate for each one, you can choose one of the options in the TIME column, with options for anywhere from up to one hour, to over 200.

How to Add Your Xbox Completion Time Estimates

To help you remember how long each piece of content took to complete, we provide you with some handy stats like the date you unlocked the first and last achievement, the total time between those dates, and in the case of Xbox One and Windows 10 games, the number of hours that Microsoft has tracked you as playing the game.

How to Add Your Xbox Completion Time Estimates

Once you've selected a time, the page will automatically save. We'll aggregate your estimate with all of the other submissions from other gamers and the estimated time will be shown across the site.

The completion times for our full list of Xbox Games can be found by selecting Xbox Games under the Gaming menu.
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The completion times of individual games can also be found in the Game Info panel on the right of game pages:
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Setting completion time estimate reminders

If you'd like to receive a reminder to enter a completion estimate each time you complete a new Game, DLC Pack or title update, you can use our notifications to send you a PM automatically.

  • Select the Site Settings link, found by clicking on your name at the top right of any page, tabbing across to the spanner icon, and choosing Site settings.
  • Click the Notification Settings tab at the top of the page
  • Under the Notifications section, make sure the option next to Completion notification private message is switched on
  • This will save automatically, as shown by the tick icon.
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We'll then send you PM to congratulate you each time you unlock all of the achievements in a piece of content and give you a link to submit your time estimate.

How to Add Your Xbox Completion Time Estimates

If you have a suggestion for any site features that you'd like us to cover in our new weekly site help stories, please let us know by posting in the comments below.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
Heidi tends to lean towards indie games, RPGs, and open-world games on Xbox, and when not playing Disney Dreamlight Valley, happily installs every new wholesome game that appears on Xbox Game Pass, before diving back into favorites like The Witcher 3. She's looking forward to Age of Mythology Retold, Everwild, Fable, and Avowed on the Xbox horizon. Heidi graduated with an MA in English Literature before joining the TrueAchievements team.
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