Drive on Moscow First Impressions

By Will Cruz,
Board games on consoles aren’t exactly new to the gaming industry. Hasbro has a handful of games that range from Battleship to Monopoly on consoles. However, not all gamers are interested in traditional family oriented board games, especially when chances are they have the original board game collecting dust elsewhere. This is why our main man Rhys is here to give you his first impressions of an alternative title, Drive on Moscow.

30/04/2018 - Carousel

In this strategy game, players are tasked with defending the homeland as the Soviets, or leading a bold push to seize the Soviet capital as the Axis. You must overcome your opponent, vast distances, and extreme weather to achieve victory. If you’re interested in this turn-based strategy title, check out the first impressions video below.

Drive on Moscow is available now.
Will Cruz
Written by Will Cruz
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