Mass Effect 2 DLC Screenshot UPDATE

By Jonathan Barnes, 7 years ago

Yet another screenshot has been uploaded by Bioware in the past hour.

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Who is this lady? Where are they? What's going on? Is that clock counting down? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

Like many other gamers, I'm ready for a release date for "Arrival" already.


The fine folks at Bioware have just released another screenshot for the upcoming "Arrival" DLC for Mass Effect 2. This marks the third screenshot in three days. Unfortunately, there is no word (as of yet) whether or not this will be the last of the cryptic screenshots.

External image

It may just be me, but that screenshot certainly has a very "Reach" quality about it... just a thought.

For those who might have missed out on the initial story, here are the two screens that were revealed on Monday and Tuesday respectively.

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At this time, Bioware has yet to announce the release date for "Arrival", but has indicated that it will be the last DLC for Mass Effect 2 and will effectively bridge the gap to Mass Effect 3, which is set for a Holiday 2011 release.
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