Dontnod Announces Free Title The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

By Rebecca Smith, 7 months ago
Just over a year ago, Dontnod Entertainment revealed they were working on a new game in the Life Is Strange universe. Many assumed this would be Life Is Strange 2. Well, while that title is in development, the team will first be joining forces with publisher Square Enix to release a self-contained "narrative Life is Strange experience". The best bit? The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is releasing at the end of the month for absolutely free.


Players assume the role of a 10-year-old boy called Chris. He's being bullied at school, his dad is an alcoholic, and he feels out of place, yet he has an imagination that means he can tell stories that nobody else can. One of them puts him in the role of a superhero, Captain Spirit, and he goes on all sorts of adventures, but one Saturday, something extraordinary is about to happen.

Like the other games in the universe, players will have plenty of time to look around and explore, but Dontnod promises the game is also structurally different, and by this they don't just mean that it isn't episodic. Life Is Strange is not just about the characters we already know and love, it's about a bigger universe and the people we're yet to meet. Players who take the time to play through the game multiple times will likely see and discover things they missed before; dig deep enough and they'll find clues as to how the game is linked to the upcoming Life Is Strange 2, and some secrets might take a collaborative effort to decipher.

Those of you who want to see more of how the team developed the game can take a look at the first developer diary too. Co-game directors Raoul Barbet and Michel Koch provide the commentary.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is coming to Xbox One for free on June 26th.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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