BattleBlock Theater Opening Cinematic

By Jonathan Barnes,
Gamers everywhere were weeping back in November when we brought you the news that The Behemoth's newest title, BattleBlock Theater, was being delayed until 2011. Now, thanks to the Earth's never-ceasing orbital cycle, we have arrived in 2011 and can begin to eagerly look forward to the day when BattleBlock Theater will be unleashed upon us all.

With that happy though in mind, The Behemoth (the developers behind Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid HD) has released the funniest opening cinematic that you will see today. I dare you to disagree as you watch the prologue to the adventure that's about to befall Hattie and his friend.

For those who might be fuzzy on the specific details surrounding BattleBlock Theater, I highly recommend checking out our initial announcement article.

Unfortunately, BattleBlock Theater still doesn't have a specific release date beyond "2011".
Jonathan Barnes
Written by Jonathan Barnes
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