Mortal Kombat Kollector's Edition Pricing and Info

By Jonathan Barnes, 7 years ago
As we covered back in December, the upcoming edition of Mortal Kombat is set to have a Kollector's Edition. In a press release issued today, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and NetherRealm Studios have divulged a few more specifics on it as well as pricing.

Gamers who are interested in ponying up a few extra pounds, dollars, euros or your favorite brand of nationally backed currency can expect the following from the Kollector's Edition:

- Kollectible Figurine of Scorpion and Sub-Zero

- Exclusive Art Book: 110+ page book detailing The Art of Mortal Kombat, featuring original concept sketches and game art.

- Xbox 360 exclusive: Customize your Xbox LIVE avatar with Mortal Kombat inspired costumes.
Feast thine eyes on the glory of the Kollector's Edition unboxed:

External image

NOTE: The Kollector's Edition will have retailer specific, in-game skins (the picture features the one from GAME and GameStation in the UK), so be sure to check with your favorite retailers to find out which skins each is offering.

The Kollector's Edition is currently retailed at £49.99 in the UK and $99.99 in the United States.

Mortal Kombat will be released on April 19th in the States and Canada and April 21st in Europe
Jonathan Barnes
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