Space Hulk: Tactics’ E3 Trailer Gives an Overview of the Game

By Kevin Tavore,
When Space Hulk: Tactics was announced earlier this year, we didn’t learn much. Luckily, E3 season is here and the latest gameplay overview sheds some light on what to expect from this adaptation of the classic tabletop game.

Announcement screens

The game will allow you to play as either the Space Marines or the Genestealers. As the Marines, your goals will vary from map to map. As the Genestealers, your goal is simply extermination of the enemy. The game features a campaign for each race as well as skirmish mode and multiplayer. There’s also a map editor if you’re creative.

The gameplay is classic grid-based strategy. You’ll need to make smart moves, use abilities correctly, and adapt when things go wrong. The game also has a card system that will allow you to power up for a short time in order to give you the edge you need to defeat your enemies, and you’ll get to do it in style as your squad members are fully customizable.

Space Hulk: Tactics is coming to Xbox One.

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