tinyBuild Unveils Hello Neighbor Multiplayer Expansion Secret Neighbor

By Chewie,
Last week, tinyBuild teased us with a video suggesting more content would be coming to their stealth game Hello Neighbor, or possibly even a sequel, with more news promised during E3. They've now delivered on that promise by unveiling "Secret Neighbor", an expansion to the main game that delivers a multiplayer experience in the creepy neighbor's house.

Set between the first and second chapters of the main game, the expansion sees a group of kids attempting to rescue their friend. However, one (or maybe two) of those friends will actually be a secret neighbor in disguise who can influence their surroundings and hide in plain sight to dispose of the children one by one. Described as a social horror, the expansion will feature elements such as a proximity based voice chat through which the secret neighbor can try and gain the trust of the other friends.

Hello Nieghbor

As part of the unveiling, tinyBuild released a video showing off the new mode but they did so in their own inimitable way. The first half of the video is a weird film in which CEO Alex Nichiporchik must finish the game in time for E3 complete with musical numbers that parody battle royales, microtransactions, ridiculous tech specs and buggy launches (something with which the original game suffered). If you want to skip the nuttiness and get straight to the reveal, jump to 7:40.

It's currently unclear if "Secret Neighbor" will be released as DLC or as a standalone title, nor what the release window is. It will be entering Alpha testing shortly, for which you can sign up over at http://SecretNeighbor.com.
Written by Chewie
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