Meet E3 2018's Newest ID@Xbox Titles

By Rebecca Smith,
During Microsoft's E3 presentation, the inevitable ID@Xbox montage trailer was broadcast to thousands of watching players. The trailer included brief glimpses of 27 titles. We'd already met 20 of those titles, so we promised to detail the remaining seven titles throughout this week. After that, the Xbox Game Pass announcement then revealed an eighth new title. Since the show, we've introduced Sable in more detail. Here are the seven others that will all be coming to Xbox One and/or Windows 10 in the future.

Conqueror's Blade

Booming Games' "multiplayer medieval warfare" game pits the Eastern and Western civilizations against each other in a fight for survival. By combining action and tactical gameplay, players will be able to control both individual heroes and entire corps at the same time as they go on a conquest and aim to be the supreme army. Acquire territory to turn into your own kingdoms, build infrastructure, forge alliances, recruit more soldiers, and thwart other empires along the way.

Fringe Wars

Thousands of years of war and conflict has seen the Galaxy dominated by the Terra Empire, the Titanium Information-Industrial Complex, and the Federation of Free Planets. The three powers battle to control the resource-rich asteroid belts that are also vital for depicting borders and providing jumping points. As part of the Star Mercenaries, players fight on behalf of these three powers for nothing more than money and glory. Thinking Stars' team-based multiplayer space game tasks players with controlling capital starships and taking part in tactical warfare across a variety of modes as they fight for their chosen power.

Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale

As the name might have suggested, Define Human Studios is bringing their first-person battle royale game to console. Players are dropped into a sci-fi inspired alien-built arena in a search for weapons and equipment as they try to best enemy players and the advancing plasma field. According to the Nyne, only one person can be declared the winner and everyone else must die. As well as solo mode, there will be modes for duos and squads of four players. There's also a training range and a Gun Game mode.

Phoenix Point (Windows)

From the creator of X-COM comes a new turn-based strategy title. The Pandoravirus not only causes mutations in living creatures, it can also take DNA from separate species, mix them together and clone these creations at a rapid rate. Players face this new and procedurally generated alien threat as it constantly evolves in reponse to their tactics. Through the Geoscape, players can plan all of their operations, research, construction and missions. While combat is important, without exploration you wont be able to find other havens, scavenging sites or special Phoenix Project sites to help you out. Be it kidnaps, rescues, assassinations, sabotage, infiltration, haven takeovers, or base defence missions, your help is needed.

Raji: An Ancient Epic

Nodding Heads Games' action adventure game puts players in the role of the titular Raji, a young Indian girl chosen by the gods to repel the demons that have invaded the human realm. Her younger brother, Golu, has been captured by the great Asura Lord, Mahabalasura, and it is up to Raji to rescue him and take down the demon lord. Choose the gods that will give you different abilities, battle enemies in combat, and solve environmental puzzles if you're to succeed.

The Wind Road

Little is known about this upcoming title apart from it's a Chinese martial arts game that adds action adventure elements to a more traditional RPG setting. You can see nearly ten minutes of gameplay footage in the trailer below as the hero scavenges for supplies, while both the hero and his companion also take on a range of enemies in real time combat that is based on kung fu. However, developer JIAYUAN is adamant the game is not an action RPG, so make of that what you will.

Totem Teller

Grinning Pickle's adventure title tasks players with guiding the Teller as she explores the broken world that surrounds her. There are no prompts or objectives. Instead, players are left to retell stories their way, create their own mythology, resolve glitches, retrieve corrupted stories, and restore the world as they see fit.

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