Skyforge Will Get PvP Changes

By Rebecca Smith,
Allods Team's MMO Skyforge will soon be undergoing some changes in its PvP modes to try and make the game more balanced and fair. These include improvements to player rewards, rule changes in some modes, recalculated rating points, and a new stat.


Players will now get more credits for PvP activities, as well as Knowledge of Enemies, current generation equipment, and temporary legendary items like weapons and artifacts. At certain points during the day there will be Happy Hours where rewards are further increased and players receive a chest with "relevant" equipment as a reward for every completed battle.

In terms of modes, the rules for Battle of Golems, Battle of Equals, and Massive Battles won't change. However, all characters' Might stat will be equal during PvP, although maximum health level will be dependent on class. Symbols and the abilities of legendary items can now be used, and the primary and secondary stats of jewellery are relevant. However, the following will be removed from PvP activities: Tower of Knowledge bonuses, Cathedral, consumables, divine form, Aspects, and combat vehicles.

On average it will now take less ratings points to reach the next league. For example, the Diamon Cohort league can be reached in 400 points instead of the previous target of 650. Ratings points can be earned in all PvP adventures with the exception of Lugran Research Base. End of season rating rewards have been increased, and you'll receive a special companion and unique costume in addition to Victor's Medals.

Finally, the new PvP Stat can be applied to any item of jewellery. This will increase health and damage slightly during Battle of Golems, Battle of Equals, and Massive Battles. The only way to unlock and boost the stat is to play PvP, and upon unlocking, players get a chance to receive a special item asan arena reward.

The game's producer Volker Boenigk and game director Dmitry Lisichkin detail these changes in a new developer diary below.

The team also produced a Q&A as to what changes they may be making in the future and how they're responding to player feedback. You can see that in the spoiler below.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

The update will be arriving soon.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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