The Long Dark Vigilant Flame Update Arrives

By CognitiveCaveat,
“Vigilant Flame” for The Long Dark, is available now. The patch (v.1.33) features new cooking mechanics, Buffer Memories and an all new region in Hushed River Valley. It also includes bug fixes and other general improvements.

In addition to all the details of “Vigilant Flame” below, the following achievement has been fixed due to a progress reset problem when drinking Reishi mushrooms or rosehips.

The Long DarkLiving Off the LandThe Living Off the Land achievement in The Long Dark worth 206 pointsSurvive 25 consecutive full days only consuming calories harvested from wild plants and animals.

The addition of the Hushed River Valley region has also made the following achievement obtainable:

The Long DarkFaithful CartographerThe Faithful Cartographer achievement in The Long Dark worth 1376 pointsMap all named locations in Survival Mode.

New Hushed River Valley Region

Hushed River Valley is a multi-leveled Region that connects to Mountain Town, extending some of the same difficult terrain you see around the town of Milton. The new Region is full of waterfalls, rivers and streams, and lots of cliff areas, but includes no man-made shelters. It’s a highly challenging wilderness area, but keep an eye out for natural shelters, supply caches, and perhaps a mysterious Signal Fire to guide your way.

New Manual Cooking System

We’ve overhauled the cooking system so that it doesn’t occur in a simple menu interface anymore. You place cookable items in the new Recycled Can or Cooking Pot items, or on hot surfaces — namely, stones near burning campfires or on the surface of lit cook stoves — and wait for them to cook. Each food item requires a different amount of time to cook. If you remove the item too soon, it’ll be undercooked, and eating it could result in food poisoning. If you wait too long, you could overcook the item to the point where it becomes an inedible burned lump, thus wasting the valuable food and fuel resources you spent on it. You will also prepare water in a similar way. It means managing multiple timelines when cooking, but it should also free you up to take on other tasks simultaneously.

Buffer Memories

We’ve added new narrative collectibles to Survival Mode, in the form of “buffer memories”. These are the last documents stored in a computer’s memory before all the technology around Great Bear and beyond, was suddenly rendered inert by the mysterious aurora. Now, when the aurora appears at night, you might see some computer terminals display snippets of notes, emails, reports — information that provides more background on the world of The Long Dark. We’ve implemented a first series of Buffer Memories in VIGILANT FLAME, across a series of specific locations. Remember, each location may have more than one memory to offer. You can track discovered memories in the Collections section of your Survival Journal.

Radial Menu Quick Placement

As a result of our Manual Cooking work, you can now place items directly from the Radial. This means that you no longer necessarily have to go into your Pack to drop items for later placement. Radial Placement will be useful for quickly arranging various items, and is something we plan to use for more gameplay-oriented placement in the future. For now, the primary benefit is placing items from your Food radial directly on campfires or stoves, for cooking, or placing Pots and Recycled Cans on cooking surfaces so that you can cook food or melt snow for water.

General Fixes

In addition to these four main features, we’ve made dozens of bug fixes, made performance improvements across the game, and added several minutes of new ambient music to Survival Mode.

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“Vigilant Flame” and patch v1.33 are out now.

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