Weekend Announcements June 22-24th: Dawn of Man, Aggelos, Xenosis and More

By Rebecca Smith,
We're definitely back to usual service. This weekend brought along seven new announcements for the Xbox One, covering a variety of genres. The list is below; see if there's something that peaks your interest.


Wonderboy Bobi has teamed up with publisher PQube to bring their "retro-styled 2D action-adventure" title to Xbox One. Taking inspiration from non-linear Japanese adventures from the 16-bit era, like Wonder Boy In Monster World, the title adds gameplay elements from more modern titles to create a game more fitting for current consoles. Players fight for survival and the Kingdom of Lumen as they take on invading beings from another dimension. The title offers plenty of side quests, secrets, and characters to discover, all while finding better equipment and improving your abilities to better defeat enemies using melee combat. The title has just arrived on PC and will be making its way to consoles later this year.

Danger Zone 2

Three Fields Entertainment's original Danger Zone allowed players to take the role of a crash test driver in a virtual Crash Testing Facility where the aim was to survive as many spectacular crashes as possible. The sequel ups the stakes by taking the testing out of a controlled environment and onto real public roads. The aim is still to create as much chaos as possible, but this time it will be happening on America's freeways, the UK's motorways and Spain's autovías. The more carnage you create, the higher the cash payout. Players will be able to give it a go on July 13th on Xbox One, complete with Xbox One X enhancements.


Dangerous Driving

There are few details about Three Fields Entertainment's second title, apart from it's a closed track competitive racing title. Players will get to use boosts and takedowns, and there will also be plenty of destruction and car crashes in this one too. More details have been promised "over the coming weeks and months". In the meantime, the title has been confirmed for Xbox One this winter.


Dawn of Man

Madruga Works, the developer behind Planetbase, is taking a new direction with their latest title and is heading back into the past. Players assume control of the first modern humans as they build their settlement. They'll struggle to survive from the Stone Age through 10,000 years to the Iron Age. If humanity is to survive, they'll need to expand and evolve, as well as cope with everything nature will do to stop them. Hunt for food, gather resources, fortify, research new technologies, build massive structures, and try to domesticate nature as much as you can. The title will head to PC first in Q4 2018, and an Xbox One release will follow "shortly after".

Ghost 1.0

The developer of Unepic is back with another title for Xbox One and there's not long to wait. In this metroidvania, two super hackers hire an agent to infiltrate the Nakamura Space Station. They want to steal the greatest secret ever but the space station itself has its own ideas. The station's defences have an unending supply of weapons and artifacts, all of which will need to be destroyed. The bigger problem, though, is that this mysterious agent has hidden ties and isn't who they seem to be. The title will arrive on July 11th.

Shikhondo: Soul Eater

DeerFarm is bringing their Korean brand of bullet-hell shoot 'em up to the west with a game set in the world of Asian mythology. Armies of demons have freed themselves from Limbo. Known as the yokai, they're now spreading across the land, stealing souls and bringing immense fear to the surviving residents. It is up to players to destroy the invaders and free those souls that have been captured, otherwise they'll suffer an eternal torment. The title will come with Arcade, Hardcore, and Local Co-op modes when it arrives on Xbox One in the future.

Xenosis: Alien Infection

NerdRage Studios took to Fig to get the funding they required to bring this title to Xbox One next year. Players assume the role of a deep space salvage hunter. Nearly 50 years ago, the Starship Carpathian was believed destroyed on a deep space mission, but you've just found it and you've found the holy grail. The data core that housed the ship's AI is worth a lifetime of credits on its own and, of course, you're going to retrieve it. Initially the ship appears empty with no detectable life signs, but we all know it isn't going to be that easy.

Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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