Captain America: Super Soldier Details [UPDATED]

By Jonathan Barnes, 7 years ago
Summer movie season is just around the corner and with it comes a fresh batch of games to tie in to the blockbusters. In a press release issued today, Sega has released some details about their upcoming Captain America: Super Soldier.

In CA:SS gamers will (shockingly) take on the role of Captain America during World War II. As Marvel's defender of truth, justice and the American way (trademark, DC Comics), Captain America will take on Red Skull and his army in third-person action.

In another revelation that should surprise no one, one of the big gameplay mechanics is the use of Captain America's trademark shield. Gamers can expect to use the shield to take out multiple enemies at once, deflect incoming fire back at enemies, as well as solve puzzles and scale walls.

Sega is also promising "free-flowing combat and acrobatic platforming" as part of the package that will see our protagonist infiltrating Hydra's massive and (ooooh) mysterious castle complex, battle the infamous Iron Cross and a host of other fist-fodder in service of the Red Skull.

The press release goes on to describe further game features including:

* Become Captain America: Engage in combat against enemies bent on world domination during World War II. Use your abilities as the ultimate Super-Soldier to infiltrate Hydra’s Castle and annihilate the forces of evil.

* Use Captain America’s Shield: Your shield is your most powerful weapon and best defense. Use it to take out multiple enemies from a distance, block incoming attacks, destroy objects, solve puzzles, and reflect incoming fire back at enemies.

* Capture the Castle, Save the World: Infiltrate a huge castle complex that’s both an acrobatic playground for the Captain’s physical prowess and a house of mystery, with enemies and danger at every turn.

* Acrobatic Platforming: Extensive acrobatic abilities allow you to scale walls, climb ledges, and vault from poles to overcome environmental challenges. Master timing-based controls to execute advanced moves and discover multiple paths through missions.

* Free-Flowing Combat: Move freely through the castle battlefield with acrobatic precision as you take down multiple enemies with devastating combos. Take control of a turret or grab a soldier from behind and use his weapons against him. Execute punches, kicks, grabs, vaults, and shield throws to unleash the power of Captain America.

* Face Fearsome Foes: Face off against Captain America’s greatest villains, including the Red Skull, Arnim Zola, Baron Strucker, Madame Hydra, Iron Cross, and more.

* Original Storyline Set in the Movie Universe: Experience the stirring tales of Captain America’s world with an original story by noted Marvel scribe Christos Gage created specifically for the video games and set in the movie universe.
Sega has also released a new trailer for the game:

Finally, Sega has released a few screenshots of the game running on the 360.

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Captain America: Super Soldier is set for release on July 19th, 2011.
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