Star Wars Battlefront II Hero Starfighters Update Arrives Today

By Rebecca Smith, 6 months ago
When EA took to the stage at E3, one of the games that got some air time was Star Wars Battlefront II. DICE promised that July would be bringing along a new 4v4 Starfighter mode. That mode arrives today as part of the Hero Starfighters update, which also includes changes to Lightsaber combat, Hero Showdown, and a whole host of other bug fixes and improvements.

Starfighter Assault

Hero Starfighters spawns every one of the eight players into a hero ship at the start of the round. Once players are defeated, they'll respawn as a regular starfighter. The winning team of the round is the one that defeats all of the enemy hero ships. Hero Starfighters is a best of five mode, so the first team to win three rounds will be overall winners. The mode is a great way to level up Hero Starfighters, and DICE will be giving players a helping hand in this with a double experience weekend that will begin on July 6th.

In other game modes, the Great Temple on Yavin 4 has been added to Jetpack Cargo mode as a playable location. Ewok Hunt has received some tweaks and fixes and has returned to the game. Finally, Extraction mode will remain in the Operations rotation throughout July. For all of the other fixes and improvements, check out the patch notes in the spoiler below.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

The Hero Starfighters update will be available today, July 3rd.

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