Dragon Age II DLC Achievements Fixed

By Jonathan Barnes, 7 years ago
As mentioned in our story earlier today, the achievements for "The Exiled Prince", Dragon Age II's first DLC were previously unobtainable. While many gamers feared the worst and imagined months of waiting before a patch arrived, Bioware has jumped to the plate in a few week's time and provided a fix.

As detailed in the game's official forum they have posted a new version of "The Exiled Prince" on the marketplace and are advising gamers to delete the DLC off of their hard drive and download the new version.

Before you go running to your hard drive to delete the content, however, keep the following in mind.

The new version should allow the 5 DLC achievements to properly unlock in future playthroughs of the “The Exiled Prince DLC” content. Customers who have previously completed this content will need to replay the content, either via a new game, or by using an save made prior to getting any achievements from this content.
According to several forum posters, deleting, downloading and reinstalling the DLC will not affect your current game save, but you will need to start a new playthrough, or reload a save that you made before starting "The Exiled Prince" to get the achievements.

Bioware was also kind enough to give step-by-step directions on how to delete, download and reinstall the DLC.

Uninstalling Old Data:
1. Starting on the Xbox 360 dashboard, go to ‘System Settings’, located on the far, right end of the ‘My Xbox’ section.
2. Choose ‘Memory’.
3. Select the memory device on which the DLC is installed.
4. Choose ‘Games’.
5. Choose ‘Dragon Age II’.
6. Scroll down and choose ‘The Exiled Prince’ Marketplace Content.
7. Select ‘Delete’, then ‘Yes’ to confirm the action.

Installing New Data
1. Press the Xbox Guide button.
2. Scroll right to ‘Settings’ and choose ‘Account Management’, choose ‘Yes’ to confirm.
3. Choose ‘Download History’.
4. Choose ‘The Exiled Prince’ game add-on.
5. Select ‘Download Again’.
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