UFC 3 Adds Fighting Legends in Icon Edition Update

By Sam Quirke,
Following a significant patch three months ago, the latest update for EA SPORTS UFC 3 has landed this week. The Icon update brings several UFC legends into the fight. You'll be able to fight with or against Tito Ortiz, Matt Serra, Kimbo Slice, Mirko Cro Cop, and Wanderlei Silva. You can check out their full in-game stats here.

The development team have gone to great effort to launch some gameplay improvements along with the new fighters, capturing another full day's worth of mo-cap footage to improve fighting animations. The biggest issue they've tackled is diving punches, which up until now have been too difficult to pull off on a downed opponent. Thanks to a significant boost in animation frames, it will now be a lot easier for the game to execute a command to dive punch. You can Finish the Fight more dramatically now, too, by piling on more hits — or you can let go and walk away if you're confident enough.

Takedowns have been improved too, with a new ankle pick takedown available to fighters with a high takedown rating. It's much harder to resist than the regular single leg takedown so it opens up the possibilities for players competing at higher stats. The range for cage takedowns has been increased to three feet as well, so you should find it easier to slam your opponent into the wall if they stray close to it. Push-offs have been added to allow fighters to create a little space in bouts against aggressive opponents without executing a full kick, and it can be used to set up a head-kick combo. Cage cutting should be easier thanks to some small tweaks, and Cody Garbrandt's robot taunt has been added for those desperate to pull it off.

The Icon Edition Roster and Update are both live now.

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