Marvel vs Capcom 3 Patch Details

By Jonathan Barnes, 7 years ago
According to sources at Shoryuken, the patch released today for has adjusted a multitude of features. The biggest adjustment preps the game for "Event Mode" which will go live on Friday.

In addition to prepping the game for the new mode, several other changes have been made. The one that gamers will most likely notice is the lowering of Sentinel's health. Multiple sources cite that the mech giant's health has been reduced from 1.3 million tiny units (making him the "tank" of the game) to 905,000.

Other changes include:

- Taking out the unfair loop that gamers could exploit when using Spencer.

- Fixing the Haggar/Spencer freeze glitch.

- Increasing the Hitstun deterioration on Akuma's air Tatsu, preventing his infinite.

Again, these are just the major discoveries for the patch, several other smaller adjustments were, no doubt, included as well.
Jonathan Barnes
Written by Jonathan Barnes
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