Weekend Announcements July 6-8th: Frost, Close to the Sun, The Mooseman and More

By Rebecca Smith,
This weekend was a bit quieter, bringing just five titles to our attention. All are confirmed for Xbox One and some will be arriving fairly imminently. The list is below; is there anything that captures your attention?

Bud Spencer & Terence Hill - Slaps And Beans

Bud Spencer and Terence Hill are a comedy duo that may not be widely know outside of Europe. Despite this, the pair are getting their first official video game in the form of Trinity Team's scrolling beat 'em up that has platforming elements and mini-games thrown in for good measure. Whether playing in single player mode or together with a friend in co-op, the duo will travel through a variety of environments, such as the fairground, Western Saloon, and Miami Downtown, as players are treated to the mass brawls and comedic timing for which the films are best known. The game will be arriving on Xbox One on July 24th.

Close to the Sun

Storm in a Teacup's next title takes a different direction to their adventure title NERO. The horror game is set at the end of the 19th century in an alternative reality where Nikola Tesla's scientific breakthroughs have already had a massive impact on the world. In his thirst for knowledge, he has created a ship complex, but it's here where a young girl has gone missing. Players assume the role of journalist Rose. As she searches for her missing sister at the enormous site, she realises that not all is as it seems. The title will be coming to Xbox One later this year.


Developer Jérôme Bodin has teamed up with publisher Digerati to bring his "deck-building survival adventure" to Xbox One on July 20th. As the name suggests, the game takes place in a frozen apocalyptic world where humanity is fighting for survival. The harsh environment is ravaged by a lethal storm and you need to lead a group of nomads on a journey to the Refuge and shelter from the weather. The problem is the weather isn't your only issue — there's wolves, cannibals, hunger, fatigue... just make sure you manage your cards carefully.

The Mooseman

Vladimir Beletsky and Mikhail Shvachko's title is inspired by the Perm animal style and Komi folk music. In the finno-ugric pagan culture, the god Yen created the world out of an egg shell. The world had three layers. The Lower World was formed from an endless ocean. The Middle World is where humanity managed to exist. Meanwhile, the Upper World was reserved for the ancient gods. Many spirits live in all three of these layers, tasked with guarding secrets. Players assume the role of the titular Mooseman whose journey will take him through all three layers to find the artefacts of the Chud' tribes. The problem is the Lower World is also the home to the spirits of the dead, and it's here you must visit first. The title will be coming to Xbox One on July 18th.

Tiny Hands Adventure

I honestly don't remember much about Meet The Robinsons, but one bit I do remember from the film is where Lewis is being chased by a T-Rex. He's cornered, but the T-Rex can't hurt him because its arms aren't long enough. As you might have guessed, Funware's title tells the tale of Borti, a dinosaur who wants longer arms. He'll need to leave his hometown of Dinoburg and head out into several unknown worlds to find collectibles and face the bosses that are in the way of your objective. The game will be coming to Xbox One in the future.

Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
Rebecca is the Newshound Manager at TrueGaming Network. She has been contributing articles since 2010, especially those that involve intimidatingly long lists. When not writing news, she works in an independent game shop so that she can spend all day talking about games too. She'll occasionally go outside.
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