E3's Forgotten ID@Xbox Titles: Catapult King, Steamroll, Hevn, and More

By Rebecca Smith, 7 months ago
Last week, we began a feature that looked more closely at the ID@Xbox titles that were present at E3 but which didn't get much fanfare. This week we continue with another five titles that might have escaped your attention, all of which are due to arrive in Q3 2018. See if there's anything that you fancy in the list below.

Catapult King

Wicked Witch Software is porting their mobile Angry Birds-esque title to Xbox One and Windows 10. Armed with an admittedly rather large catapult, players are tasked with destroying forts and castles in their bid to rescue the princesses. The problem is the princesses are getting kidnapped by fire-breathing dragons, whose Nasty Knights are helping to keep guard. You'll need to power up your catapult with magical abilities — like line of sight, Lunar Strike or Earth Shock — across more than 100 levels if you're to succeed.

Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters

The creators of Spareware are back with their second Xbox One title in the form of this physics based fighter. Players are tasked with becoming steaming drunk at a variety of bars before taking part in comical fights that can only happen when people don't have full coordination or control of their limbs. You'll be able to learn a techniques and make use of a range of weapons to smash your opponents out of the bar across multiple game modes.


Miga's debut "first-person sci-fi adventure" is set in 2128. Earth is overpopulated, technology has divided people, and the temperature is unbearably hot (people in the UK think much worse than now). Sebastian Mar is an employee of Nomoni Incorporated and he's just one of the men taking part in a celestial mining mission light years away from the stricken planet. With the assistance of robots and a central AI system, you'll need to investigate this isolated planetoid that's orbiting a distant star, but the mission is controversial and dangerous and you'll need to make sure he survives. If he does, he might just discover some secrets that should really have been left buried in the past. The game will arrive on Xbox One and Windows 10.


Details on Alessandro Benedettini's upcoming Xbox One title are slim. Take a look at the artwork and you would naturally assume a puzzle title, but while the logical and strategic skills of those games are needed, the title is actually a frenetic shoot ’em up. We know players will be "forced to stretch your gyrus to the limits", but aside from that, we'll have to hope more details emerge for the game before it's released.



Anticto's debut title combines the adventure and puzzle genres while adding "a touch of minigolf" for good measure. Players assume the role of a young engineer on his first day on the job. Put in control of Scarabeus, a steam-fuelled, half beetle, half armadillo vehicle invention, he must make his way through the crumbling mine and eventually find his way out. To do this, he'll need to create ramps and walls, activate triggers, and destroy obstacles by designing and firing steamballs from his vehicle. The title will be arriving on Xbox One.

Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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