No Man's Sky Trailer Shows What's Changed Since Launch

By Rebecca Smith, 8 months ago
No Man's Sky launched nearly two years ago on PlayStation 4 and PC. Over that time, the game has changed immensely thanks to three major content updates, as well as a series of smaller patches. When the game is released on Xbox One in just a couple of weeks' time, all of those changes will be included, as well as the upcoming Next update. More details on the Next update, more specifically the multiplayer functionality, will be coming soon. For now, we can take a look at the game's latest trailer that showcases 11 of the most significant changes to the game.

No Man's Sky will be released on Xbox One on July 24th. Players who pre-order the title will receive the "Next Generation Starter Pack", which includes an X.O. Suit, Artios-VI weapon, and an in-game currency starting boost.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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