Body And Brain Exercises DLC Announced

By Michelle Balsan, 7 years ago
Namco Bandai has revealed today that two sets of DLC are coming to their Kinect-enabled, Dr. Kawashima-inspired title, Body and Brain Connection.

The two packs, titled "Higher Learning I" and "Higher Learning II", will add two new exercises into a player's daily routine. They will also add new modes to exercises found within the game. The first mode, Endless Edition, will allow players to exercise for as long as they possibly can until they make a mistake. The second addition, Duel Mode, is a two-player competitive mode which places gamers in a battle of wits.

Namco Bandai also provided further details about each pack.

Here's what you can expect out of "Higher Learning I":
· Hit and Step – Memorize the order of hand and feet icons as they appear onscreen.
· Figure It Out – Select the allotted shapes to construct a duplicate of the model object.
Endless Edition Mode
· Traffic Control – Create bridges with your arms to safely guide vehicles to the other side of the screen.
· Math Jock – Kick the soccer ball with the correct solution to the math problem at the top of the screen.
Duel Mode
· What Time Is It? – Move your arms like the hour and minutes hand of a clock to point out the displayed time.
· Touch ‘n Go – Use your hands to help keep PAC-MAN and Pooka safe from the Ghosts.
"Higher Learning II" will bring the following additions to Body and Brain Exercises:
· Mime Games – Strike the same pose as the on-screen avatar.
· Even Split – Split the Ferris Wheel into two equal halves!
Endless Edition Mode
· Mouse Mayhem – Hit the mice with your hands and feet as they appear!
· Touch ‘n Go – Use your hands to help keep PAC-MAN and Pooka safe from the Ghosts.
Duel Mode
· Follow the Arrows – Use your arms to mimic the arrows that light up on screen.
· Strike a Pose – Mimic the pose of the missing avatar.
"Higher Learning I" made its debut on the Marketplace very recently and can be picked up here. "Higher Learning II" is due out by the end of April. Each pack costs 400MSP and, if the first one is anything to go by, neither will grant you new achievements.
Michelle Balsan
Written by Michelle Balsan
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