Earthfall Achievement List Revealed

By Rich Stone, 5 months ago
We have just picked up the achievement list for Earthfall, which is developed and published by Holospark.

The game is published as part of the ID@Xbox program.

When the world ends, your fight begins. Powered by Unreal 4, Earthfall is the latest four-player co-operative FPS inspired by greatest hits like Left 4 Dead and Payday. Fight the alien horde through 10 epic levels to take back the Earth!
You can find guides to unlocking these achievements as soon as we have them on the Earthfall Achievements page.

There are 41 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, none of which are secret:

Name Description Gamerscore
Without a Hitch Complete the Sunnyvale mission 15
Drone Killer Kill 500 Drones 14
01000111 01000111 Complete the Data Recovery mission 15
Refueled Complete the Breakdown mission 15
The Good Life Complete the Supply Run mission 15
Enrager Killer Kill 50 Enragers 14
Sapper Killer Kill 50 Sappers 14
Thresher Killer Kill 50 Threshers 14
Whiplash Killer Kill 50 Whiplashes 14
Beast Killer Kill 20 Beasts 15
Blackout Killer Kill 20 Blackouts 15
Drone Killer - Soldier Kill 1000 Drones 30
Sapper Killer - Soldier Kill 100 Sappers 30
Thresher Killer - Soldier Kill 100 Threshers 30
Whiplash Killer - Soldier Kill 100 Whiplashes 30
Beast Killer - Soldier Kill 50 Beasts 30
Blackout Killer - Soldier Kill 50 Blackouts 30
Drone Killer - Elite Kill 8000 Drones 30
Sapper Killer - Elite Kill 400 Sappers 30
Thresher Killer - Elite Kill 400 Threshers 30
Whiplash Killer - Elite Kill 400 Whiplashes 30
Beast Killer - Elite Kill 100 Beasts 40
Blackout Killer - Elite Kill 100 Blackouts 40
Supercharged Complete Breakdown on Overwhelming 30
Get Off My Lawn Complete Supply Run on Overwhelming 30
01001111 01001101 01000111 Complete Data Recovery on Overwhelming 30
Double Wide Complete Sunnyvale on Overwhelming 30
Fully Trained Complete the Radio Silence mission 15
Off The Rails Complete Radio Silence on Overwhelming 30
Invasive Species Complete all the missions in the Invasive Species campaign 35
Dam Good Complete The Diversion Mission 15
Dam Impressive Complete The Diversion on Overwhelming 30
Cracked Complete the Into the Breach mission 15
Hard Boiled Complete Into the Breach on Overwhelming 30
Pro-Pain Complete the Extermination mission 15
Pro-Pain Accessories Complete Extermination on Overwhelming 30
Hail Mary Complete the Revelation mission 15
High and Mighty Complete Revelation on Overwhelming 30
Less Than a Truckload Complete the R&D mission 15
Full Truckload Complete R&D on Overwhelming 30
Natural Selection Complete all the missions in the Natural Selection campaign 35

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