Insane Robots Achievement List Revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the achievement list for Insane Robots, which is developed and published by Playniac.

The game is published as part of the ID@Xbox program.

Fight to the DEATH in this unique card battler. Compete in intense one-on-one duels. Lead a riotous robot rebellion through randomly generated survival arenas. Overthrow a malevolent robot despot in the epic 15+ hour single-player campaign. Insane Robots is card battling... HACKED!
You can find guides to unlocking these achievements as soon as we have them on the Insane Robots Achievements page.
Insane Robots

There are 76 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, none of which are secret:

Name Description Gamerscore
Out of the Frying Pan Complete the tutorial 5
Powering Up First succesful attack 5
Fully Loaded Attack with 10 attack and 5 boost 10
Insta Killer Kill an enemy with a Damage token 10
Mega Bling Earn 1000 cash with a single cash token 15
Death Defying Collect a treasure in the ring of death 15
Peacenik Complete an arena without killing any robot 15
Wind Up Kill two robots with one whirlwind 15
Sneaky Elude a guard by using cloaking 15
Out of stock Buy all augments from one shop 15
Fast Action Win a battle in three turns 10
Total annihalation Perform an attack of value 25 15
Test Your Metal Take part in online multiplayer 5
Didn't Break a Sweat Win your first battle 5
Who's Next? Play 10 multiplayer battles 10
Not Bad Bot Reached rank 10 10
Budget Bot Reached rank 20 10
Shiny Bot Reached rank 30 15
Premium Bot Reached rank 40 20
Superbot Reached rank 50 25
Getting Going Completed tournament 1 10
Trainee Completed tournament 2 10
Combat Veteran Completed tournament 7 10
Insane Master Completed tournament 8 20
Combat Unit Completed tournament 3 10
Experienced Fighter Completed tournament 4 10
Esteemed Combatant Completed tournament 5 10
Powerful Participant Completed tournament 6 10
Decorated Gained 5 stars 5
Medals of Honor Gained 10 stars 10
Star Spangled Gained 24 stars 15
One Bot's Trash... Picked up 20 treasure 5
Scrap Stockpiler Picked up 50 treasure 10
Sponsored by Combat Catalyst Picked up 100 treasure 15
Buffed Purchased 10 augments 5
Upgraded Purchased 25 augments 10
Armed to the Teeth Purchased 50 augments 15
Not Even a Scratch Won 10 battles 5
Seen a Punch or Two Won 25 battles 10
Black Belt Won 50 batles 15
True Tactician Won 100 battles 20
The Art of War Won 200 battles 25
Pocket Money Gained 5000 cash 5
Every Penny Gained 15000 cash 10
Big Bucks Gained 30000 cash 15
Swap Master Completed 50 Swaps 15
Hack Master Completed 50 Hacks 15
Glitch Master Completed 50 Glitches 15
Lock Master Completed 50 Locks 15
Combo Master Completed 50 combos 15
Close Shave Win tournament with 1 life left 15
Wasn't Even Close... Refill health from 1 to max in shop 15
Full House Unlock all robots 30
Health Kick Upgrade a robot's health capacity to maximum for tournament 20
Calm Mind Attack with Harmony 15
Impenetrable Mind Defend with Harmony 10
Time Saver Use a teleport 15
Iron Man Use a jet pack 10
Beginners Luck... Use a lucky augment in a tournament 15
Now You See Me Use a camouflage augment to hide 15
Gains Use a strength increase augment in a tournament 15
Fresh Air Use a gas mask 10
Electrifying Use a lightning conductor 10
Hoist With Their Own Petard Kill an enemy with a Deflector boost 15
Right Back At You Damage your attacker with a Deflector boost 15
You Activated My Trap Card Kill an enemy with a Booby Trap boost 15
Over Here! Use a Diversion boost 15
The Turnaround Kill an enemy with a Rewire boost 15
Special Tactics Use an Inverter boost 15
Lucky Breeze Use balloon augment and land on a treasure 15
Fully Charged Finish a battle only using upgrade tokens with five fuel 10
Revengeance Kill your arch-enemy twice in same tournament 15
Harmonious Perform an attack in harmony after using Rewire 15
Cloud and Clear Leave acid cloud with 1 life 15
Quick Battle Master Completed all nine quick battles 20
Full Capacity Upgrade a robot's augment slots to maximum for tournament 20

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