Rock of Ages Screenshots

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
Several screenshots have been released showing the "high art" environments and "gigantic boulders of doom" in ACE Team's upcoming XBLA tower defence / strategy game Rock of Ages. For those of you who have never heard of the game before, I'll let the publisher, Atlus, tell you all about it:

Two castles stand opposed, bridged by an uneven, narrow pathway. One is yours, and you're quite fond of it. See how the parapets catch the sunlight ever so stylishly? The other is your enemy's; they're a jerk, and their crappy crenellations are driving down your property values. Also, their castle sucks, justification enough to try crush it using an enormous rolling stone. Unfortunately, they'll have a chance to plan and build up some security, doing everything they can to derail your razing rock. Get through their defenses and you're one step closer to crushing their unsightly tower (see also: their hopes and dreams). But don't take your turn for granite. Once your turn is over, your opponent's begins...
The game will have multiplayer support, so players will be able to compete against their friends. As the following screenshots will show, as well as rolling through different terrains and challenges, your boulder will be able to demolish "crappy crenellations" through different periods of classical art; so you can look forward to a lesson on the art and music styles throughout human history whilst you cause as much destruction as is physically possible.





23/3/11Funky Explosion

23/3/11Defend HUD

23/3/11 Tutorial

Rock of Ages is due to be released in Spring 2011.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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