The Culling 2 Has Been Culled One Week After Release

By Kevin Tavore,
When our very own Will gave his first impressions of The Culling, it wasn’t a glowing recommendation, so it’s not surprising that the first game’s final release was followed up shortly thereafter with the end of development for what had originally been intended and sold as a game with ongoing development and support.

10/07/2018 - Carousel

The developers were not dismayed, however. They got to work and kicked out The Culling 2 seven months later. It released last week. It was unsurprisingly followed by a torrential, seismic, apocalyptic, whatever size tsunami of negative feedback, so much so that the developers posted this on Twitter:

It’s human nature to marvel at such a disaster but it’s important to remember that real people made and believed in this. That’s apparent in today’s YouTube message where the lead developer sat down to give us the news: the game is cancelled. It’s being pulled from store shelves. Development is resuming for the first game as a free to play title. It’s still chaos but you get the gist of where things are going.

The Culling 2 will be pulled from the marketplace soon. The game’s servers will likely follow suit. The developer has promised refunds for all players who purchased the game but is yet to inform Valve, Sony or Microsoft about their plans, so it’s not clear if refunds will be given. They are on Steam so let’s hope Xbox will follow suit.
Kevin Tavore
Written by Kevin Tavore
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