TERA's Summer Festival Brings the Sun to Castanica and Balder's Refuge

By Rebecca Smith, 8 months ago
If last weekend's double XP event wasn't enough for you, you may be pleased to know there's a Summer Festival event currently running in Bluehole's MMORPG TERA. During the event players can take part in special quests and mini-games to unlock rewards such as "valuable enchanting materials, max-level gear, and new summer accessories".

Summer Festival

Balder's Refuge is the location where you can find the Festival of the Sun quests. The priests of the Consos Clan need help to cleanse the area of the vermin in the temple's rooms and courtyards. Players will earn ingredients to make sweet iced desserts, while each completed event will reward Medallions that can be redeemed for summer accessories, enchanting materials, or max-level Slaughter gear. The quests change daily and are randomised. Unfortunately, they're also only open to characters who are at level 48 or above.

Meanwhile Castanica is having a beach party with three mini-games. Splash Cannon puts players in charge of a water gun to take out the demons waiting in the ocean for unsuspecting swimmers. Red monsters earn parts, while blue monsters deduct points, so be careful with that aim. Watermelon blindfolds characters, who must then slice through watermelons while avoiding the wooden barrels. Finally, Sandcastles tasks players with building as many castles as possible before time runs out. If you build enough castles, you'll receive magic items allowing you to build sandcastles anywhere.

The Summer Festival is running right now and ends at 9:00AM PDT on August 7th.

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Rebecca Smith
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