Sea of Thieves Adds More Merry Merrick Lore, Cursed Sails Coming Soon

By Rebecca Smith, 6 months ago
This week is the final week of the latest Bilge Rat Adventure in Sea of Thieves, and this means the team is getting ready for the next chapter of the game. On July 31st, the next substantial content update "Cursed Sails" will be released. In the meantime, patch 1.1.7 adds more extended lore around Merry Merrick, as well as bringing in more bug fixes and gameplay improvements in preparation for the content's arrival.

Merrick will now tell tales taken from "The Hungering Deep", as well as regaling players about his son, Derrick. The other major change is that raising a ship's flag will no longer change the Pennant flags — as Rare states, "this may be a hint to an exciting change on the horizon". You can find the full patch notes in the spoiler below, and Executive Producer Joe Neate goes through some of the more pertinent points in the video underneath.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

The above video also talked about the game's upcoming expansion. "Cursed Sails" will add skeleton crews to the game... literally. Players who encounter other ships will not know immediately if they are crewed by humans or the new skeleton marauders who have risen from their watery graves and have taken to the high seas again. They'll be terrorising Outposts and looking for rich pickings amongst those who sail the seas.

To help players take on this new threat, a new ship type will be introduced. The Brigantine is tailored specifically for crews of three players. There will also be a new Alliance system that encourages crews to team up to take on bigger challenges and share any rewards they earn.

There's also something afoot with the shopkeepers. Those who have taken part in the game from its earliest days will remember Salty, a merchant who had once set up shop at an Outpost. He disappeared in search of a "killer" item to sell and it seems like he's found it. He'll be returning soon with a new business partner, but he's not letting out any more details than that quite yet. All we know is that his ambition and greed is likely to escalate into "something truly terrible".

While the "Cursed Sails" campaign is only for a limited time, the skeleton marauders will remain in the game permanently, as will the Brigantine and the Alliance system. You can get your first glance at the skeletons in the following trailer.

The Bilge Rats will be disappearing upon the appearance of the skeleton ships, so make sure to get all of the limited time rewards you want before the release of "Cursed Sails" on July 31st. Patch 1.1.17 is available in-game now.

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