We Happy Few Looks at the ABCs of Happiness

By Rebecca Smith,
We Happy Few has been on quite a journey since it was first released in Xbox Game Preview nearly two years ago. Initially a bare bones survival experience, the game has now acquired that promised story mode that depicts the drug addicted town of Wellington Wells and its permanently happy residents... well, happy as long as they take their Joy medication. In the latest trailer for the game, developer Compulsion Games gives players a five minute primer on everything they need to know about the ABCs of happiness. Remember, Always Be Cheerful!

Compulsion's CEO Guillaume Provost also took to the stage during the last episode of Inside Xbox to give an interview about the upcoming storyline, as well as to show off gameplay. Players will see the world from the perspectives of three different characters, and first we saw a side mission played from the perspective of Arthur. We then see the same mission taken from the perspective of Sally for the first time. For Sally it is a main mission, but for the third character, Ollie, it is also a side mission. You can see the footage for yourself before Provost answers several community questions.

The full version of We Happy Few and its story mode will be arriving on Xbox One and Windows 10 on August 10th.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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