Sea of Thieves Developer Diary Discusses Alliance System

By Lucy Wood, 6 months ago
A new developer diary from Rare reveals how "Pirate Legend fairies" inspired them to bring forward a Sea of Thieves Alliance feature to help players work together in the upcoming Cursed Sails event. "Pirate Legend fairies" are high ranking players who have been observed helping others by joining random crews and giving them access to the highest level quests in the game.

The new Alliance system will allow crews to equip a triangular pennant instead of the normal rectangular flag, indicating their interest in working with other crews. Players on other ships will then have the option to join the alliance and share missions and rewards. This will open up new strategic options and give players greater fighting strength when they take on skeleton ships during the Cursed Sails event. Allied ships will be visible on one another's maps and will earn greater rewards by working together than they would by working alone.

The Sea of Thieves Alliance system will expand the potential for cooperative play, but some will be concerned about its potential for misuse by griefers and whether low server populations will limit its usefulness. Currently each game instance contains around six ships, making it possible to go a long time without seeing other vessels. The limit on ship numbers per instance will require players to spend some time and effort to acquire allies, but it also means there isn't any real potential for the large-scale naval warfare that would attract more toxic players to the game. Griefers may attempt to lure in victims by falsely flying Alliance pennants near Outposts, but savvy sailors are likely to turn in their cargos elsewhere then return to investigate Alliance opportunities with an empty hold.

The Cursed Sails update for Sea of Thieves will launch on July 31st.

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Lucy Wood
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