Ghost Recon Wildlands Prepares for Special Operation 2

By Rebecca Smith, 5 months ago
The second season of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands began on April 10th with the first Special Operations. The first of four planned free updates, Special Operation 1 included teammate customisation, as well as PVP and PVE updates. Tomorrow, players will be able to get their hands on the second update, which will bring along a new Rainbow Six Siege themed operation, Ghost Mode, new PvP maps, and a host of other additions.

Special Operations 2

Operation Archangel sees an elite Brazilian Operator, Caveira, go missing. Her disappearance is troubling because it's extremely unusual for elite Operators to disappear without updating their units. Rainbow thinks that she's gone back to her criminal roots and taken refuge amongst the Santa Blanca Cartel. If her skills make it into the criminal underworld, the results don't bear thinking about. She can sneak up on enemies and immobilize them quickly. She's also an expert at gathering intel and interrogating suspects.

One of rainbow's Intelligence agents, Valkyrie, has tracked the missing Operator to Bolivia. She makes use of old contacts to recruit the help of the Ghosts. She's also joined on the hunt by another nearby Operator, Twitch, and together they must locate Caveira and find out what she's doing. Completing the mission will earn Caveira Gloves, complete with Caveira’s CQC move that will unveil the position of all enemies within her vicinity in the campaign.

In Ghost Mode, players will create a new character with which to face missions in tough conditions. First, they'll only be able to take a single primary weapon, which can only be swapped out at ammo boxes or by looting weapons from downed enemies. Weapons will make use of what the developer dubs "real reloading", where any unused bullets in a clip are lost when the weapon is reloaded. Friendly fire is turned on, and all deaths are permanent, leading to the loss of skills or upgrades if those characters perish. The mode is available for all difficulties and those who take on the challenge will receive new rewards.

Special Operation 2 will also include the following gameplay features and improvements, all of which can be seen in action in the trailer below:

True Solo: Those who are truly looking for a lone wolf experience can now toggle off their AI teammates in both our Campaign and Ghost Mode. Up for the challenge?

New PVP Maps: We have two new maps coming to Ghost War, including a highly community- requested snow map.

Victory Screen: The taste of victory will be made even sweeter with the return of the Victory Screen at the end of Ghost War matches. The winning team will now get to show off their customization and victory poses after a well-earned win.

Observer Mode: Take your Ghost War experience to the next level with our brand new Observer Mode. Simply go into Custom Matches to both watch and showcase your Ghost War games. Game on!

Ghost War Challenges: New daily challenges will now be available in Ghost War, rewarding players with Prestige credits for their extra hard work.

Prestige Economy: You shared your feedback, and we heard you! Special Operation 2 will bring an overhaul of our Prestige economy. You will now be able to earn Prestige Credits not only in Ghost War, but also in the Campaign too (including Ghost Mode). A new tab in the Store will be added to allow you to spend your Prestige Credits not only on Ghost War Classes, but on Prestige Packs too, which include customization items.

New Customization Items: More than 100 new exclusive items have been added to our Battle Crates, including new Emotes, Voice Lines, customizable weapons, vehicles, and more!

Finally, there will be two new PvP classes: Surgeon and Toxic. Surgeon is an Assault class with an MPD-0 Stim Pistol. He can revive downed team members and heal them by shooting them with the pistol. Meanwhile, Toxic is a Support class that comes with a drone that fires sulphur bombs. These gradually damage all players caught within the gas area, including allies.

You can view all of the patch notes here, including all of the bug fixes and other gameplay improvements. The update will arrive tomorrow, July 24th, and may take up to 18GB of space. As part of the benefit for purchasing the Year 2 Pass, those players will get a week's early access to Ghost Mode and the two new PvP classes, meaning that they won't be available to general players until July 31st.

We've got the full list of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.

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