The Culling 2 Servers Closing Now

By Rebecca Smith, 5 months ago
Last week, developer Xaviant revealed that the reception for their latest title The Culling 2 had been disastrous. So disastrous, in fact, that the situation didn't seem to be salvageable. As such, the company's director of operations Josh Van Veld took to a video to announce that the game would be pulled from all digital storefronts. As for the game's servers, it was assumed they would disappear too. While he promised the team would look into refunds, they had yet to be in communication with Microsoft, Valve and Sony to confirm whether this would be the case. Well, the game was indeed delisted over the weekend, and Xaviant has now confirmed that as of 3:51 PM BST, the servers for the game would be officially shutting down.

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In terms of refunds, these have also been confirmed. The team is still "working on a timeline", but there should be more information about this soon. For now, development will resume on both the PC and Xbox versions of The Culling. The team requests you send gifs commemorating "the game that never was" to this twitter status.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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