Bandai Namco Announce Voldo's Return For SOULCALIBUR VI

By Andy Mills, 6 months ago
While the roster reveals for SOULCALIBUR VI have introduced a couple of new characters to the series, namely Grøh and The Witcher protagonist Geralt, Bandai Namco has tended to focus on familiar faces for the upcoming fighter. That trend continues today, and it's one of Soulcalibur's most recognisable fighters this time around as Voldo has been revealed.

Voldo character art

In addition to all those screenshots, we can see Voldo and his blades Manas & Ayus go to town on a few particularly unfortunate souls in his reveal trailer.

Voldo will take on the rest of the roster when SOULCALIBUR VI launches on October 19th.

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Andy Mills
Written by Andy Mills
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