Two TrueAchievements Teams Are Now Recruiting

By Rich Stone, 4 months ago
Hi TA'ers!

TrueAchievements wouldn't be the best Xbox site on the planet without the incredible effort that our staff teams put in.

We are currently looking for new volunteers to join two of those teams — the Community Events Team and the Walkthrough Team. If you think you would be a good fit for either of those teams, then please read on...

The Community Events Team (run by planting42)

The Community Events Team is here to ask for a few good men and women to help keep the events fresh and fun for everyone here on site. Do you enjoy the different contests and challenges that we put forward each year? Do you have some ideas you are hoping to see brought to life for everyone here? Do you enjoy being part of something that brings happiness to a large community? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then joining this team may be perfect for you and the rest of the TA community!

That's right! We're looking to add a few members to our fold that share our desire of building a great community through friendly competitions and events that test your achievement gathering skills. To keep these events coming at you, ideas are only part of the picture. We also need the staff to support them as they are running. Folks who can answer questions that participants may have as well as do the labor-intensive legwork that makes events like Viral Month work behind the scenes.

Typical duties would include:
- Brainstorming new events
- Suggestions for keeping annual events fresh
- Participation in group discussion on event construction
- Following event threads to answer community questions
- Session creation during Viral Month style events

We're getting ideas together to form the 2019 Event Calendar now! If you are interested in shaping the Community Challenges and creating something amazing for everyone here on TrueAchievements to enjoy, please send planting42 a PM with the answers to the questions below.

Private Message to planting42

  1. Why do you want to join the Community Events team?
  2. The time requirements for this team vary greatly. When we're running an event that has a backend we maintain, it takes hours of work daily to keep it going (Viral Event for example.) Are you able to commit to spending several hours throughout a week to support such an event? Overall, how would you describe your availability?
  3. Since TA is a diverse community, we have to take many different perspectives into consideration. There are members here who focus on completing games, collecting games, pushing their ratio or completion percentages higher. Would you say you can look at suggestions through more than one view? How would you describe your ability to discuss ideas with a team?
  4. What was your favorite event on TrueAchievements so far? What about it makes it your favorite?

The Walkthrough Team (Run by Dang3R Gaming and RadicalSniper99)

Good morning/afternoon/evening depending on where you are. It's time for the walkthrough team to recruit again. We've lost some staff due to inactivity and other reasons, and we are in need of some more people who can take on the position of Walkthrough Overseer.

Alongside managing walkthroughs, your primary task will be proofreading walkthroughs and supporting other writers in the best way possible. Having a good knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary is a vital part of the role. However, you'll also need to be aware that there are some non-English writers who try their best to write very detailed walkthroughs. If you are interested in joining the team, please apply by answering the following questions, then sending them to Radical or myself via a Private Message:

Private Message to Dang3R Gaming
Private Message to RadicalSniper99

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself. How old are you and where are you from?
  2. What languages can you write/speak and are you fluent in the English language?
  3. About how much time would you be able to spend on our team during the week on average? (Try to estimate, no need for a specific answer)
  4. How many times in an average week do you check your messages and threads?
  5. Why do you want to join the walkthrough team?
  6. How would you work to check spelling and/or grammar mistakes?
  7. What methods would you use to discover content that is plagiarised from other sources?
  8. Have you ever applied for other teams on TA or have you been active as a staff member before?
  9. How would you feel about proofreading a walkthrough for a game that you have yet to play or finish?
  10. Do you feel that you could correctly determine that information given is correct about a game that you have played?
  11. Have you been involved with any walkthroughs on TA in the past?
  12. Are there any suggestions you think that may be worth it to look into?
  13. How do you feel about working in a team and what is your stance about the communication within?
  14. Do you prefer a certain genre or type of game to work with?
  15. 15) Proofread the following section and make all necessary changes to it:
when you get too,the next secton of this level you should be abel to now accquire a new item that will help u move farther along in the game,please be aware that after this you should save all of youre progress other wise the achievement may become Might be noteded that Their our unobtainables N this game Because the games severs Have been shut down And because of this U cant earn the online achievements unless U playd the game before that. i hope u like my walkthrough for this game and i hope you got every achevemint in the game thank u 4 readng
Bonus question:
The Trueachievements Walkthrough team has gone through a lot of effort over the years to improve the quality of the walkthroughs that have been put forward by this amazing community. As standards have changed and improved over time to bring us to the current level they are at, some of the older walkthroughs on the site haven't received the same amount of love as new ones have.

Whilst the team has created a thread listing many of them, we realise that some that could use some extra attention may be missing from the list. Is there a walkthrough you have seen or used that you feel needs updating that is not currently listed? If so, please present it here with reasons detailing why it should go on the list. Please limit this to walkthroughs not currently on the list, which can be found here: List and Discussion of Published Walkthroughs That Need Improvement

Note: Please separate the questions and answers clearly on your application.

Deadline for Applications

Applications for both teams are open until Sunday 19th August. Good luck to everyone that applies, you are awesome!
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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