Fortnite v5.10 Remembers Chappadoodle

By Rebecca Smith, 6 months ago
A couple of weeks ago, the attention of the Fortnite community was captured by a botched rescue effort. After Chappadoodle found himself trapped off the edge of the map and unable to escape due to being below the build limit, another player, Muselk, attempted to build him a staircase back to the cliff edge. When that didn't reach, a plan was then hatched to use the roof of a golf cart to bounce up to the staircase. Unfortunately, things didn't go too smoothly and Chappadoodle met his untimely demise thanks to the aforementioned golf cart. You can see the whole situation here if you happened to miss it. Well, not only did Muselk's efforts thrust the pair into the limelight amongst the community, it also captured the attention of developer Epic. This week's patch has added a memorial to the "greatest rescue mission in Fortnite", found at the site of Chappadoodle's death, which you can see below thanks to @austinwoodmedia.

Most of you will be glad to know that the easter egg isn't all the patch added. Battle Royale sees the return of Playground mode today with a few tweaks, including new team select options. There's also a new Compact SMG weapon. The patch also celebrates the game's first birthday by adding a birthday event; for every one of the three Birthday Challenges players complete, they'll unlock part of the birthday cosmetic set. You can check out the full Battle Royale patch notes in the spoiler below.

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Not to be left out, Save the World continues its storyline with a new questline in the Canny Valley campaign that gets players to explore Thunder Route 99 and the new arid biome. There's also a questline to celebrate the game's birthday, which will reward players with Birthday Brigade Ramirez upon completion. The full patch notes for Save The World are in the spoiler below.

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Finally, there are a few general patch notes in the next spoiler.

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1st birthday

The v5.10 update is available in-game now.

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