The Big Boom! Update Comes to Robocraft Infinity

By Ashley Woodcock, 6 months ago
If you're a regular player of developer Freejam's ID@Xbox title Robocraft Infinity, then you may have felt a certain type of way about Cosmetic Crates and Galaxy Cash. In a newly release update, dubbed "The Big Boom!", both of the above are no more and have now been replaced with Cosmetic Credits. Also in the update will be new toys to play with, improvements, and bug fixes galore.

As you can expect with the title of the update, there are plenty of changes packed into the update. Take a look at the summary of patch notes and a quick overview video before taking your time with the full list:

  • New Gyro-Mortar weapon
  • New Cosmetic parts
  • 3 types of Cosmetic Eye
  • Bubble Blower
  • Funky Balloons
  • Introduction of Cosmetic Credits (replacing Cosmetic Crates and Galaxy cash)
  • 100 free Cosmetic Credits when you play in July
  • Improved load times
  • Improved network connectivity
  • HUD-off functionality
  • Lots of bugs fixed

Now you can have a slow read of the new additions, specific bug fixes, and all of the gameplay improvements:


  • Introduced Cosmetic Credits - read the blog post for more information on these changes
  • Get 100 CC for free! Simply login to Robocraft Infinity in July to receive 100 Cosmetic Credits. These will be automatically added to player accounts and you will see this on your CC balance when you login.
  • The fabled Gyro-Mortar Jotunn, a weapon of mass destruction has been added.
  • Health: 13,500
  • CPU: 450
  • Mass: 1,350 Kg
  • Damage: 23,697 p/hit
  • Energy: 20.64 p/shot
  • Blast Radius: 50m
  • Fire Rate: 0.87 p/sec
  • New Cosmetic Parts:
  • Bubble Blower
  • Balloon
  • Vigilant Eyes (left/right)
  • Cat Eyes (left/right)
  • Cyborg Eyeball
  • Capture awesome battle screenshots and video with the HUD off/on feature. Press UP on the d-pad along with both triggers and shoulder buttons to activate.
  • Removed Cosmetic Crates and Galaxy Cash from the game


  • Improved load times
  • Network connectivity improvements
  • Group widget is now persistent, so you’ll know when your teammates have queued up
  • All Cosmetic Weapons have been renamed to Cosmetic Weapon Skins so they don’t convey that they are different in terms of form or function versus base parts
  • Implemented additional dialogue pop-up ‘Are you sure?’ when unlocking/purchasing weapon skins
  • Improvements to the “Group Managements” widget to make it clearer when selected
  • Players can now select game options and settings menus whilst in battle
  • Robot name character limit set to 15
  • Improvements to the Maintenance mode messaging
  • A player should be considered inactive after 60 seconds in build mode if they have not placed or removed a cube within that time
  • Improved the transition between Edit Mode and Test Mode loading screen
  • Improvements to error dialog messages so they appear in focus
  • Updated the text in the upgrade packages in the store
  • Deluxe and Ultimate bundle descriptions updated
  • Localisation improvements across the game
  • Increased the size of the Alignment Rectifier indicator UI
  • Updated the error dialogue displayed to a user who’s queued up for a game mode when their Group Leader quits the game
  • Lighting and rendering optimisations in battle
  • Improvements to the Gamepad menu screen
  • Improved the Upload Robot dialogue box
  • On-screen hint to signify that a player must press X if their Robot flips over
  • A green tick now appears when a player in a party has queued for battle
  • Added icons to scoreboard
  • The battle stats page, event and team lists now distinguish between group members and normal allies
  • The floating UI above group mates in battle now display in blue
  • Neon Cubes now have a description
  • “New” added as a sorting option in the Robot Factory
  • All Robocraft Infinity Editions now available in Mexico
  • “Construction” time of robots in a player’s garage bays has been improved
  • Improvements to dialogue message text when a player loses connection
  • An error message is now displayed when a player loses connection and cannot re-establish a connection
  • Control hints are now displayed when a player enters spectator mode


  • Fixed a bug which caused giant black squares to appear when some parts were selected in Edit Mode
  • Fixed a bug which prevented players from sending game invitations if they were disconnected from the WebServicesServer
  • Fixed a bug which prevented players from using the game chat if they were disconnected from the SocialServer
  • Audio cue now plays when collecting parts awarded when upgrading the game to Deluxe or Ultimate editions
  • Fixed a bug which caused the game to become unresponsive if the player lost connection to the Internet when accessing their inventory during the Tutorial
  • Fixed a bug which caused the game to get stuck on the ‘Contacting Xbox Live’ pop-up if a player disconnected from the game whilst downloading a robot from the CRF or whilst purchasing something from the store
  • Fixed a bug which caused the controller vibrations to not be detected whilst the settings menu was present in multiplayer games
  • Fixed a bug which caused an incorrect dialogue warning to appear if you press the Menu button, whilst respawning in Single Player mode
  • Corrected the naming of Battle Arena mode on the Battle Loading and Countdown screens
  • Fixed a bug which caused your robot bay to appear empty if you navigated from the right, towards the Play menu, after having viewed the CRF
  • Fixed a bug that caused rods or struts to register as invalid placements if you rotated them too many times in edit mode
  • Fixed a bug which prevented players from uploading robots to the CRF if they had reported some
  • Fixed a bug where if you earned a level up crate by levelling up during a game mode or in Build Mode it appeared that the Garage UI had lost focus after you opened the crate
  • The CPU cost of parts had not been localised properly
  • The animation for losing a star now works correctly
  • Fixed a bug where you could sign in with one account, but load another account’s robots
  • Fixed a bug where in the Filter by Robot Parts sub-menu, if you scroll down, the entire layout moves down as well
  • Fixed a bug which forced you to quit the game If you lost connection whilst in Test Robot mode
  • Fixed a bug which forced the player to re-log to complete the Tutorial if they lost connection during whilst in tutorial mode
  • Fixed a bug where if you saw the ‘Singleplayer can’t start’ error dialog, you could not navigate back to the mothership from a multiplayer session
  • Fixed a bug which caused the Starter Robot in the garage to be overwritten with another robot after deleting a garage bay
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the inventory from updating on occasions with parts unlocked in crates
  • Fixed a bug where the “Contacting Xbox Live” message would become stuck if a player lost internet connection when attempting to purchase something from the store
  • Fixed a bug which caused players from logging into the game if their console had any age restrictions settings in place
  • Fixed the headlamp missing texture
  • Fixed a bug which enabled players to invite someone to their current active game session, while they were in a multiplayer match
  • Fixed a bug where if you disconnected while the game is ‘Contacting Xbox Live’ you would get a Null reference if you attempt to reconnect again, and get stuck ‘Contacting Xbox Live’
  • Fixed a bug where if you disconnect then played an AI match and then disconnected again, you could get stuck ‘Contacting Xbox Live’
  • Fixed a bug that caused the progress bar at the bottom of the player nameplate in AI Mode to not progress
  • Fixed a bug that caused long names to make the CPU value not visible on the battle loading screen
  • Fixed a bug that caused an error dialogue to clash with something else, causing the OK button to flash wildly and be un-clickable
  • Fixed a bug that caused the “Who Are You?” screen to be triggered when you try to sign out from the game with the active account, providing you have another Xbox account signed in on your console
  • Fixed a bug where if you left a Play vs AI game while you had cubes that still needed to be auto-healed, you would get a null value on your return to the mothership
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes when disconnecting, you would get an error dialog instead of the query for ‘Waiting for active network connection’
  • Fixed a bug where if you disconnected whilst changing settings and then reconnected, you could get stuck ‘Contacting Xbox Live’
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to become unresponsive if you disconnected whilst purchasing cubes
  • Fixed a bug where the game would loses focus of the expected UI elements after having temporarily lost connection to the game
  • Fixed a bug where if a player had N/A or bad rep and you added them as a friend, the change would only be recognised once you re-loaded the game. This meant that you could only speak to them after reloading
  • Fixed a bug which caused a generic error to sometimes trigger at the end of a multiplayer game
  • Fixed a bug where if you lost connection right at the end of the Tutorial, then chose to quit the game, you would get spammed with a number of generic errors before you could log back in
  • Fixed a bug where placing wings in rotations that are perpendicular to forwards thrust, unexpectedly halved speed
  • Fixed a bug where if you lost connection during the Tutorial, just before opening up your Inventory to select the Laser, you would end up stuck “Contacting the Server” if you tried to skip the rest of the Tutorial
  • Fixed a bug where if you are forced to quit the game via the dialogue that triggers after 30 seconds of being disconnected from the game, you end up stuck on an unresponsive login screen
  • Fixed a bug where group members could get stuck “Contacting Xbox Live” whilst on the Home Screen
  • Fixed a bug where if a group member leaves the game, after queuing up for battle with the rest of their group, the remaining group members get stuck “Waiting for Group”
  • Fixed a bug where Multiplayer games cannot be played due to users getting detected as “Group Disbanded”
  • Fixed a bug which caused generic errors when the order of a players garage bays became messed up
  • Fixed a bug which caused the loading progress for remote players to not update correctly on the battle loading screen
  • Fixed a bug where using LB to navigate to the Inventory, directly after viewing a robot in the CRF, forced players back to the Garage
  • Fixed a bug which caused a “Tutorial Robot not found” error on some new game accounts
  • Fixed a bug where on occasions some stat descriptions are displaying twice for the on items that drop in crates
  • Fixed a bug where disconnecting from the game, whilst in build mode, then returning to Garage would lead to focus being lost from the Garage bays
  • Fixed a memory leak that was caused by switching between robots in your Garage, whilst they are still building
  • Fixed a bug that caused the “Show more” button in the CRF to become unexpectedly huge
  • Fixed a bug where if you got kicked back to login due to the game entering maintenance, trying to log back in would display a dialogue that could not be closed
  • Fixed a bug where Some player failed to enter battle when trying to load other players’ gamerpics from Xbox Live
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Garage bays to lose focus visually after returning to the Home Screen from a Battle Arena match
  • Fixed a bug which caused a NullReferenceException after a player disconnected from the game and forcing all the other users to disconnect
  • Fixed a bug where players would often not hear everyone they should upon entering or returning from battles
The Big Boom! Update for Robocraft Infinity is already live.

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