The Crew 2 Patch 1.0.3 Detailed and Available Now

By Ashley Woodcock, 5 months ago
A new patch has made its way to The Crew 2, which sped onto Xbox One last month, with a whole host of fixes and improvements to the controls, features, gameplay, progression, and other systems in the game to keep players riding smooth in Ubisoft and Ivory Tower's open world racer.

26/06/2018 - Carousel

Check out the main highlights of the patch followed by the entire list for all the specifics:

  • [Fixed] Coop scoring disciplines & Dynamic Freestyle exploits
  • [Fixed] Several cases of Icon levels missing rewards
  • [Fixed] Unable to save favourite vehicle
  • Various fixes, balancing & stability improvements. See below for more information.


Driving wheels
  • [Fixed] Game freeze when driving wheel 'Thrustmaster T500RS’ is connected


  • [Fixed] Photo Quest checklist is not validated while playing with specific resolutions
Livery Editor
  • [Fixed] Inaccurate livery preview images in "Top 100" and "Latest" categories.
Video Sharing
  • [Fixed] Xbox One - The title does not display any messaging when attempting to SHARE a game clip to YouTube while the 'You can share outside of Xbox Live' privilege is set to 'Block'.


  • [Fixed] Traffic issues when free-driving with friends over bridges.
  • [Fixed] Entering / leaving pause menu is “banking” dynamic freestyle followers even if the max cap is reached.
  • [Fixed] Players can gain very high amount of points while playing scoring events in coop.
Favorite Vehicles
  • [Fixed] Players are unable to set a Favorite when a Rewards Program vehicle is showed in the House.
  • [Fixed] Time of day gets offset in certain circumstances while playing in coop.


Icon levels
  • [Balancing] Increased fame needed per iconic level.
  • * Dev Note: Increased fame needed per iconic level, only applicable to levels above 1000.
  • [Fixed] Players reported an error 3_db2db69_261 when trying to redeem Icon rewards.
  • [Fixed] Players reported an error 3_db2db69_77 when trying to redeem reward with a full inventory.
Loot Rate
  • [Balancing] Increased Epic drop rate (Purple) in Hard difficulty mode


  • [Fixed] Players are unable to play with processors with latest instruction set being SSE4.
  • [Fixed] Players are unable to play The Crew 2 while having a setup with both AMD & NVidia video cards (integrated/dedicated)
  • [Fixed] Some players with old-gen CPUs are reporting crashes on specific vehicle engines audio rending.
  • [Fixed] Rare crash report when frame-rate is extremely low.
  • [Fixed] Rare crash report when interacting with a dynamic element on the map.
  • And other stability improvement fixes.


  • [Fixed] Reward Program's pop-up is prompting even after unlocking all entitled vehicles.
  • [Fixed] Xbox One - The title is displaying in-game invites even if the "Others can communicate with Voice, Text, or Invites" privilege is set to Block.
  • [Fixed] Missing in-game notification for newly received content from special event & customer support agents.
Pilot menu
  • [Fixed] Time spent in suspended mode is added to Player total gameplay time.
Patch 1.0.3 for The Crew 2 is already live.

We've got the full list of The Crew 2 achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.

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