NBA LIVE 19 Introduces Female Create-a-Player

By Ethan Anderson, 6 months ago
Experiencing a sports game through character creation is somewhat of a yearly tradition for many fans of the genre, and this year, in NBA LIVE 19, fans will be able to create female players for the first time in NBA LIVE history. Female created players will be able to play through The Rise, which is part of the game's feature mode, The One. The Rise mode will take players to courts around the world as they build their own play styles by learning skills from various NBA and WNBA superstars.

EA Sports provided a few details on the character creation process alongside this reveal. The NBA LIVE face scanning app will now work for women as well, and the customisation options include 30 different head shapes along with hundreds of hairstyle options that include hair type, colour and length. Next, the body type will be chosen. Body types will be influenced by the created player's position. For instance, guards, both male and female, can choose from heights between 5'8'' and 6'5'', wing players' heights can range from 6'4'' to 6'10'' and bigs from 6'8'' to 7'2''.

You will be able to try out this new female create-a-player and see some female-specific gear when the NBA LIVE 19 demo becomes available on August 24th. The game's full release will be on September 7th.

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Ethan Anderson
Written by Ethan Anderson
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