PUBG Improves Analog Movement in Latest Patch

By Will Cruz,
There’s no denying, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has been a work in progress since its initial release. With multiple patches and a sprinkle of new features, it’s interesting to see how much the game has evolved. Developer Bluehole has released a new patch with a number of small fixes as well as introducing the long-awaited analog movement.

In case you didn’t know, when playing PUBG, gamers could only move in 8 directions (45 degrees between each direction). The latest patch fixes this issue by giving players the ability to move at more accurate angles. A new video surfaced online showcasing the latest change below:

You can see the list of other improvements and fixes below:


This hotfix addresses numerous bugs related to game crashes:
  • Fixed an issue where toggling the mute option of a teammates mic caused the game to crash
  • Optimized physics surrounding chained/wooden fences that were destroyed by a vehicle
  • Fixed a sound issue which in some instances could cause the game to crash when windows were broken
  • Fixed an issue where the button guide when opening the Inventory caused the game to crash

We are introducing a few optimizations to improve game performance:
  • Optimized world loading so that assets will load at a faster rate
  • Improved loading speed of detailed textures on Xbox One X (assets will load at the same rate as before Update #17)
  • Optimized scoping at leaves and grass to reduce frame rate drops
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the sound of footsteps on sand was being played twice
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes player loot crates would not show after a player died
We are also looking into other issues such as desync and sound. We appreciate your patience while we work to constantly improve overall game performance. Please continue to send us your reports - videos always help in these cases!
Get ready for precision shooting because the latest patch is now live.

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