Poll Finds 13% of Players Avoid Games with "Odd" Gamerscore Values

By Mark Delaney, 4 months ago
If you're on site a lot, you'll notice every Friday we put out a poll and in the intro we'll recap the week prior's poll. We decided to change things a bit this week because results from last week's question were especially noteworthy.

We asked our community how you handle games which offer gamerscore values in something other than multiples of 5, the industry standard. Of the 3,878 respondents, a rather significant 491, or 12.6% of them, say they avoid playing those games at all. Additionally, another 2.4% of players said they'll play games with such achievements, but they'll be sure not to unlock any specific achievements that would "break" their gamerscore total by having it end in something other than 5 or 0. On top of both of those groups was another 32% who said they'll play those games, unlock those achievements, and worry about fixing their gamerscore later.

In the achievement world, anything but a 5 or 0 is odd.In the achievement world, anything but a 5 or 0 is odd.

Altogether, that means a significant portion of respondents, 47%, claim they're tracking these unorthodox gamerscore values in some way, compared to the 48.4% of polled players who said they pay no mind to such achievements. That puts the two camps in a virtual tie, with roughly 1 in 7 players choosing to completely pass on games that simply contain such achievements.

If you're among the many who care to "fix" your gamerscore, check out our guide on how to do that quite easily.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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