Gears of War 4's Summer of Gears Event Offers Double XP Throughout August

By Ashley Woodcock, 1 year ago
In the latest "What's Up" post on Gears of War's official website, developer The Coalition detailed a new event, a couple of XP events, and also how to collect a couple of special weapons this month in Gears of War 4. Most importantly to us achievement hunters is the XP event with specific achievements in the game tied to levelling up.

SUmmer of Gears screens

To help keep you indoors for the summer, The Coalition will be turning on Double XP throughout August after the unsurprisingly positive feedback received from a recent Double XP event. The extra XP will be live in all playlists and to kick of the "Summer of Gears" event, players can grab the Studios Lancer (today) and the Snub (tomorrow) just for simply logging in.

Featured Playlists will also benefit from extra XP as those willing to take a stab at selected Ranked Playlists can bag themselves 4XP. Which Playlists the XP will be available in exactly is yet to be confirmed and the developer will reveal the chosen Playlists in next week's What's Up.

The Coalition goes on to also share details on the Golden Gun event as well as Midnight Omen skins:

SUmmer of Gears screens


Our Golden Weekend event back in 2017 lived up to its name with the debut of the Palace Guard Pack alongside new event Golden Gun. Beginning Friday, we’re bringing back both for a Golden WEEK of action!

For those of you who don’t know, Golden Gun is a special event that features insta-gib hipfire boltoks that can only be hipfired. Hit your shot and your weapon is instantly reloaded. Miss, and we’ll call you in 2 years when your reload has finished (seriously, it’s LOOONG).

This time, you’ll have something new to play for too. We’ll be launching the new Golden Gun Challenge alongside the event tomorrow – pick up 30 kills in Golden Gun (or with a Boltok in any Social playlist) to earn yourself the Heartbeat Boltok and Flaming Boltok.

Golden Gun and the Golden Gun challenge will be available until Monday 13th August, with the Palace Guard Pack available until Monday 6th August.

SUmmer of Gears screens


Good news Horde fans, we’re extending how long you have to collect the Horde Maniua Midnight Omen Skin Boss Loot! You’ll continue to find the Midnight Omen Snub, Longshot, Retro or Torque Bow as Wave 20 or 25 Boss Loot until August 13th.
Will the Xp events be cancelling out all your other games for the rest of the month? If so then make sure you jump in ont he Double Xp event in Gears of War 4 which is live right now.

We've got the full list of Gears of War 4 achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.

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