Overcooked! 2 Achievement List Revealed

By Ashley Woodcock, 4 months ago
The first food-frenzy offering, Overcooked, was very well received by players when it released in August of 2016. The title was fun to play, especially with family and friends and even bagged itself the 2016 Game of the Year Award for Best Simulation. The game came with 11 achievements and a pretty straight-forward completion with users estimating just six to eight hours for the full 1,000 Gamerscore. Now, it's the time for Overcooked! 2 to step into the kitchen and see what kind of achievement list will be cooked and served up to the hungry achievement hunters.


Expect to be kept on your toes more than ever while you try to serve up many different and delicious dishes, as there's even more mayhem to get to grips with in the second title of the series. With new mechanics such as controllable platforms, moving walkways, the ability to throw ingredients to your co-op partner and plenty more, there's going to be a lot of factors to master in the game. Let's see what kind of achievement list is on offer for future chefs of Overcooked! 2.

There are 26 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, none of which are secret:

Name Description Gamerscore
Clockwork Kitchen Complete a level by doing all the recipes in order 30
And Suet Begins Complete the tutorial level 15
The Unbread Complete the main story campaign 100
The Secret Ingredient Get 3 stars on all hidden levels 90
A Grand Dining Experience Deliver 1000 Meals 90
Sous Chef Get 3 stars on every level in World 4 100
Head Chef Get 3 stars on every level in World 5 100
Executive Chef Get 3 stars on every level in World 6 100
The Spice of Life Deliver every type of meal in the game 30
Hot Pot Shot Throw 100 ingredients into a cooking pot 30
Battered! Win 10 games in versus mode 30
Kitchen Porter Get 3 stars on every level in World 1 30
Commis Chef Get 3 stars on every level in World 2 30
Chef de Partie Get 3 stars on every level in World 3 30
Too Many Cooks Unlock all the chefs 30
If You Can't Stand the Heat Extinguish a burning kitchen 15
Dinner Party Posse Finish 15 party games 15
It's A Cook-Off! Finish 15 versus games 15
Toss Lightly Throw 500 items 15
I Ain't No Butterfingers Catch 250 items 15
Bangers And Trash Put 99 items in the bin 15
Dishwasher Wash 300 plates 15
It's Bean Emotional Use every emote 15
Jelly-Porter Go through portals 75 times 15
Get To The Chopper Chop 800 items 15
Switch It Up Hit all the switches on the world map 15
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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