Super Destronaut DX Review

By Megan Walton,
Space Invaders is held as one of the founding fathers of gaming, with many people having grown up playing it. It's been done and re-done many times over, with sequels and remasters aplenty. Now, from the creators of InkSplosion comes Super Destronaut DX, directly inspired by the classic game.

10/07/2018 - Carousel

You are no doubt familiar with the classic Space Invader style gameplay, which sees you control a small spaceship that can only move side to side along the bottom of the screen as waves of alien type enemies gradually come towards you from the top of the screen. Well, Super Destronaut DX is pretty much exactly that with a few minor updates and changes. Petite Games has said from the start that their game is inspired by the classic, but you do feel like they could have done a little more to mix things up.

You have different types of enemies coming at you, some of which will die in one hit and some that will be a bit harder to take down. Taking down a special orange/red enemy will give you a temporary weapon upgrade, such as lasers or bombs instead of bullets. Going out of your way to kill this enemy first is the key to beating the wave quickly. There's an infinite number of waves in most of the modes, so if you're going for that big score then completing the waves quicker is always a plus.

ScreenshotThings get crazy once bullets start flying

The game is set against a minimalistic backdrop that is gridlike in its appearance, with very little to attract your eyes. The one thing it does do is make it easier to focus on the enemies, which is fine until you start killing them and the exploding animation hides incoming bullets. Similarly, once you get a few enemies firing different bullets at the same time, this again makes things quite hard to see and you can expect to get hit on these occasions.

A few different game modes help to keep things interesting for a little while and offer you some kind of a challenge. Classic mode plays exactly how it sounds, with you facing unlimited waves with a set amount of lives and trying to hit a high score. Time attack gives you the same challenge but with a time limit, and Hardcore mode tasks you to do it with only one life. The Challenges mode offer the most options, with you needing to kill a certain amount of enemies, beat a set amount of waves, or earn a certain score. A local multiplayer mode means if you have a friend nearby, you can take down the enemy waves together, and online leaderboards offer you the chance to see how you fare against other players.

Super Destronaut DXWhere have I seen that spaceship before?

Even with these modes, the replayability factor here is extremely limited. There's little here to keep you coming back apart from the nostalgia factor. The game has that retro look and feel that gamers of a certain generation will love, and the charm that goes along with it, but unfortunately that can only get you so far. The chances are once you've got all the achievements, you'll be done with the game.

The achievement list is a dream for completionists, with everything being easy and quick to earn. Of all the challenges on offer, you only need to complete 12 of them. Getting a decent score in all the other modes and just naturally playing the game for approximately an hour should earn you the rest of the achievements.


If you're looking for a short burst of fun and Space Invaders holds a special place in your heart, then Super Destronaut DX is perfectly playable. There's a handful of modes on offer to keep things entertaining for a while, but it relies too much on the nostalgia factor and ultimately offers little else. With nothing to keep you coming back after you've earned all the achievements, the game will sadly only be played for an hour or so before it is put back on the shelf and forgotten about.
5 / 10
Super Destronaut DX
  • Assortment of modes offer some entertainment
  • Retro look and feel incite feelings of nostalgia
  • Limited replayability doesn't offer enough to keep you coming back
  • Hard to see bullets against background and animations
  • Relies too much on nostalgia
The reviewer spent little over an hour shooting aliens and dodging bullets, earning all 13 of the game's achievements. An Xbox One download code was provided for the purpose of this review.
Megan Walton
Written by Megan Walton
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