Agony Receives A Much Needed Patch

By Ashley Woodcock, 4 months ago
Developer Madmind Studio released Agony in May this year and since its release, the game has not been received very well at all. With "generally unfavourable reviews" on the game's Metacritic page, which includes our very own 0.5/5 site review, the game has been sent straight to hell covered in bugs, glitches and broken systems. The development team, however, are looking to make Agony less painful and a bit more bearable with the release of a new patch which contains a lot of fixes and improvements.

  • Fixed problem with screen-tearing/v-sync
  • Fixed the problem with sound in the dialogues
  • improved framerate- Fixed a significant number of collision problems with the floors
  • Fixed collision problems that might force the player to get stuck in many places
  • Reduced the number of enemies in Mind Maze, The Pit, Fractal Forest, and Mushroom Mind
  • Added new Martyrs in key places so that the player doesn't need to backtrack too much
  • Some puzzles got removed so the progression should be more fluid
  • Changed difficulty of a few puzzles that caused confusion
  • Changed the way of obtaining the 3rd level of soul skill which also caused
  • confusion
  • Fixed a few streaming problems that could cause the player to get out of the play area
  • Part of the 4th chapter environment got changed to make the progression easier and more fluid
  • Changed enemy patrol routes in some places
  • Added additional effects to "teleports" and some other events
  • Fixed a few issues with secret chambers
  • Fixed issues with golden statuette placement
  • Fixed many issues with the fire damage
  • Fixed scripting issues that could force a player to get stuck
  • Fixed some background animation glitches
  • Fixed a problem with exploding bodies that caused a big FPS loss
  • Added the New Game + button
  • Improved collisions in all levels.
  • Starting a "New Game" does not reset the achievements already obtained, items unlocked in gallery and Agony Mode.
  • Updated backers list.
  • Antialiasing and subtitles settings are saving correctly.
  • Improved Succubus post-process.
  • Fixed the bug in the Floating Forest (bugged Onoskelis, which was crashing the game after possession).
  • Game no longer crashes if the soul cannot be spawned.
  • Improved interactions.
  • Cosmetic changes in the game menu.
  • [Fix] martyr female cannot break ice floes in Kali Room
  • Tweaking underwater stamina
  • Polished swimming animation
  • Added checkpoint after BigChort sequence
  • Opened path in frozen caves, Kali room puzzle tweaks.
  • Soul skill point is automatically added after cutscene in Ishtar Gates
  • Moved painting to BigChort Lair and wall is auto-destroyed at the end of the level
  • Dynamic checkpoints is disabled at first launch
  • A lot of tweaks on lighting and difficulty
  • Ice crystals in Kali Room shine when holding a torch
  • Time controlling demons pass quicker when player is not moving
  • [Fix] Soul stuck in a collision when spawned
  • [Fix] Martyr cannot be killed after getting frozen
  • [Fix] Player input sometimes break after killed by Chort's special attack Changing in gamma does not spoil a quality of cinematic videos
  • [Fix] Casting decals on Painter model
  • AgonyMode is enabled at the beginning
  • Added infobox for unlocking Succubus Mode
  • [Fix] Eyeless painter is too dark and reappearing baby that was thrown.
  • Unlocked gallery items and AgonyMode progress do not get reset after NewGame
  • NewGame+ button appears after unlocking any ending.
  • [Fix] Ifryt Tornado enemy can attack out of his range.
  • [Fix] Breaking player input when throwing trails at the end of a cutscene
  • [Fix] Bad decals projections
  • [Fix] Changes on Subtitles and Antialiasing sometimes not saving
  • [Fix] BigChort cutscene can be played multiple times
  • Save cannot be called multiple times at single frame which may improve stability and Save Corrupting issue
  • [Fix] Throwing trail may break interactions when used during RootMotion animation
  • [Fix] Incorrect number of paintings to collect displayed in statistics after finishing Level3
  • [Fix] Visited chambers might be counted incorrectly in AgonyMode
  • Tweaks on time limits for certain quests in AgonyMode
  • [Fix] UglyGoddess character can kill the player during Spider's fighting minigame
  • Added new Martyrs in key places so that the player doesn't need to backtrack too much
  • Changed the way of obtaining the 3rd level of soul skill which also caused confusion
  • Fixed a few streaming problems that could cause the player to get out of the play area
  • Changed enemy patrol routes in some places
  • Fixed scripting issues that could force the player to get stuck
  • [AI] Torch which was thrown by the player, attracts demons more than before
  • [AI] Onoskelis is now sniffing around the hiding spots, giving an opportunity to use breath hold mechanic more often
  • [FIX] Player will lose quest collected items, only by restarting from the checkpoint
  • Demons and Martyrs are now activating checkpoints automatically on normal mode (Hard Mode requires action before the activation of a checkpoint)
  • Collectables give player additional 5 seconds in Agony Mode
  • Ifrit demon is now more powerful on hard mode
  • Stamina and Breath holding underwater is no longer connected
  • Lighting improvements (Global directional lights are now disabled, we've added more point lights instead)
  • Title stability improvement
  • [Fix] Onoskelis finishers end with camera glitch
  • [Bugfix] Destiny Line tweak - Oneskelis Lair
  • [AI][Collision] Red Goddess no longer blocking player between collision boxes
  • [Fix] Crash error when entering hiding spot.
  • [Agony Mode]Lighting and reflections improvement
  • [Fix][Agony Mode] Killing Onoskelis is now adding progress to the quest "Kill demons"
  • [Fix] Crash on snake requesting NavMesh
  • Various tweaks in Onoskelis AI
  • [Fix] Nimords wife not appearing in SoulVision.
  • [Fix] Physics glitch on martyrs body when caught by onoskelis during running away animation.
  • Display a confirmation message when pressing NewGame in SuccubMode panel.
  • Changed animation when picking up hearts in AgonyMode.
  • [Fix] Destiny line flying in a wrong direction when throwing it while facing a wall.
  • Flying snake can be hit with a torch.
  • Numerous other bug fixes
After successfully passing Microsoft's tests, the latest patch for Agony should already be live.

We've got the full list of Agony achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.

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