Super Mario 64 Inspired Robot 64 Arrives on ROBLOX

By Rebecca Smith,
Many countries, especially in Europe and Asia, are suffering with a record heatwave. If you're one of the people who have just about had enough of the current weather conditions, you may be interested to know you can at least pretend to get your revenge in the latest title to arrive in ROBLOX. Clearly inspired by Super Mario 64, zKevin's Robot 64 sends the titular robot on a mission to defeat the sun.

Assuming the role of Beebo, players need to stop the sun from wiping out the world by cooling it down with an ice cream. The "old-school 3D action-adventure game" includes puzzles to solve, seven worlds to explore, over 60 ice cream collectibles to find, and a range of moves for players to perfect. If you complete the campaign and want to spend more time with the game, there's also an open-world multiplayer mode, and a level editor to create your own content, share it with other players, and download their creations.

Robot 64 was built from the ground up specifically for Xbox One and is available to play right now for free.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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