Mass Effect 2's Arrival DLC Available Now

By zigs00, 7 years ago
This is it. The final add-on for Mass Effect 2. The last insatiable taste of new gameplay before the gruelling wait until ME3's release at the end of the year. The thrilling final mission. This is the end, my friend.

Shepard has been sent to the furthest edge of the galaxy in Batarian space to rescue an undercover operative who has reported evidence of an imminent Reaper invasion. Shepard will have to discover the truth behind the Arrival and find out if and when the Reapers are planning their return.

Arrival for Mass Effect 2 adds three new achievements to the game, worth a total of 100G (taking the game's total up to 1,355G). The content is priced at 560 MSP, and you can purchase it via the Marketplace here.