Pre-PAX ID@Xbox Open House Introduces 16 New Titles: Part 2

By Rebecca Smith,
After introducing seven new titles in part 1 of our coverage of Microsoft's Pre-PAX ID@Xbox Open House, we're back with the remaining nine new titles that we've never seen before. Take a look:

Museum of Simulation Technology

Pillow Castle's first person puzzle title has been in development for quite a while now for PC, but Microsoft has now revealed it's coming to Xbox One too. Using the illusions often created by forced perspective, players must move objects and manipulate them to solve puzzles in a strange world while exploring how perceptions can alter reality.


Windy Hill's LIMBO-esque "2D sci-fi metroidvania-style platformer" also draws inspiration from titles such as Another World, Blackthorne, Oddworld: Abe's Oddysey, and Journey to Silius. The game puts players in the role of an orphaned young boy who may possibly be the last survivor in a world decimated by a mechanical alien invasion. Equipped only with camping gear, he must use the cover of darkness to make his way through the world and defeat the many enemies he'll encounter — while the aliens may be armed, there are ways to turn their own weapons against them. He may even discover their motives and what they hope to achieve with their invasion. The title will be arriving on Xbox One in the future.

Revenant Dogma

Exe-create's 3D battle RPG was originally released for mobile platforms but will be making its way to Xbox One thanks to publisher Kemco. In the world of Aldora, the humans and therians have lived peacefully side by side, that is until the therians managed to attain divine power from the feral gods that were the subject of their worship. As their power increased, so did the strength of their faith, and their civilization advanced quickly under the guidance of Premier Dverg. On the other hand, the humans failed to attain power from their gods and fell behind, causing resentment to form towards the therians. However, the appearance of a mysterious priest called Lionel suddenly raises humanity's hopes and their progress also begins to increase. Assuming the role of Caine, a soldier in the Revenant Corps, players explore the world looking for relics when they discover a scheme that will likely disrupt the fragile balance that currently exists.

Super Retro Maker

Digital Dominion's upcoming title is inspired by classics like Metroid, Castlevania, Megaman, Ninja Gaiden, Strider, Bionic Commando, Contra, and Blaster Master. The title already includes a campaign and hundreds of retro stages reminiscent of those titles, all accompanied by an "authentic 8-bit NES soundtrack". A cast of dozens of characters, each with their own skills and powerups, gives multiple ways to play a level. If that's not enough, players can design, play and share stages with the world, and a multiplyer mini-game mode. The title will arrive on Xbox One next year.


Decoy Games' aquatic multiplayer shooter places players in the role of a Mooba, who must use a variety of power ups and weapons to survive the underwater world. Each Mooba can choose from a range of special abilities known as an Unleashes, which allow them to cause mayhem and "Unleash Swimsanity!" to gain the upper hand. The game's eight game modes, all of which can be played online or locally, include the co-op Adventure mode, or competitive modes like Last Mooba Standing. The title arrives on Xbox One early next year.

The VideoKid

It's the 1980's and The Kid is desperate to impress his girlfriend, Jessica. The problem is it's hard to do that when you have no money, so he decides to start pirating video tapes to sell to willing customers. Now known as The Videokid, he must navigate his dangerous delivery route on his way to Jessica's location, all while avoiding the cops. Drawing inspiration from classic videogames like Paperboy, players must throw the videos through windows or into mailboxes to get his cash, but there are plenty of civilians and cars to get in the way of that smooth getaway if he's spotted. The title promises to include "strangely-familiar characters from your past", ensuring that those with an appreciation for the era will be the ones to get the most out of the title. VideoKid Games' title arrives on Xbox One and Windows 10 as a Play Anywhere title on August 31st.

Thunder Rally

Typical Entertainment's local multiplayer demolition derby pits up to eight players against each other as they battle to be the last person standing. No tactic is off limits — ram, punch or blast your opponents to get rid of them. Drifting adds extra oomph to your impacts, but in the tight arenas with fast cars, it's also an extremely risky move. If the car is flipped or knocked out of the arena, players then fight on foot, but they're not easy targets. Their incredible strength and martial arts skills mean they can easily take on a car, as long as they don't get run over. Those players who die can then take their place in catapults placed around the arena, flinging flaming barrels at the survivors and earning themselves extra points. The chaos comes to Xbox One in the future.

Where the Bees Make Honey

Sunny Wilson is an adult dressed as a bee, and this costume gives her the ability to rotate the world by 90o each time so she can solve the puzzles put in front of her. She must explore the world across four seasons as she reminisces on her childhood years. Brian Wilson's puzzle adventure game focuses on how important imagination can be for children, as well as the nostalgia it gives us for those formative years. The title will be arriving for Xbox One early next year.

Yuppie Psycho

The developer of The Count Lucanor returns with a new title set in a different era — a "dystopian 90s society". Brian Pasternack is starting the first day of his new job at one of the world's largest companies, Sintracorp. Whether he can make a good impression is the least of his worries because there's a chance he might not even survive his first assignment. It turns out his job is actually to hunt witches, and the one he's after is the one whose powers created the company in the first place. Having now returned to taunt her former employees, it's Brian's job to stop her, all while encountering bizarre characters, horrible creatures and plenty of hidden dark secrets. Dubbed the "first job survival horror", the title arrives on Xbox One in the future.

Now that we've introduced all of the new titles, which will you be trying out?
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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