Tom Clancy's The Division Survival DLC Will Be Free for Limited Time

By Ashley Woodcock,
In a recent Tom Clancy's The Division State of the Game transmission from Community Developers Yannick Banchereau and Hamish Bode, the team revealed details on the release date for the next shield. Unlocking the shields in The Division will earn players rewards to use in the upcoming Tom Clancy's The Division 2 so it's been good to know when the shields are becoming available and what the requirements are.

The Division - Survival Screens 3

In the same way the "Underground" DLC was available for free to give everyone a chance to earn the Sacred shield, the "Survival" DLC will be free as players must beat out other Agents, the killer weather, and roaming enemies to try and earn the new Phoenix shield. Releasing on August 16th, Agents will need to extract five items, survive for five hours, and kill five Hunters in Survival mode to unlock the shield and its rewards.

The development team also went on to give a bit of information on the upcoming update 1.8.3:

There is no date to announce for Update 1.8.3, but the "running-in-place" bug has been fixed and we are finalizing the changes to the Striker meta. There are a few other issues we are investigating for the patch as well:

  • Showstopper bugs
  • Skirmish Expansion Stash—given to everyone in Update 1.8.3.
  • Rainbow Six Commendation—will read "Equip 6 different quality pieces of gear (grey/exotic, green, blue, purple, orange and gear set)" to help players with four characters who are unable to earn grey items.
The requirements for the shield will not be retroactive. Prepare for a fresh dive into "Survival" on August 16th. The DLC itself will also be available for free on the same date up until August 22nd.

We've got the full list of Tom Clancy's The Division achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
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